Sunday, December 30, 2012

More Christmas... Makeup & Nails

Sorry this is a bit late, as everyone is already out of the Christmas mode as it comes to NYE! I didn't want to leave it any later, so this will be my last post for 2012. Can't believe the year is coming to an end, it went by so quickly, feels like just yesterday I was getting ready for last NYE. So yeah, here is my Christmas Eve & Day Makeup.

Christmas Eve
I had been wearing very similar makeup all day for work, so I just touched up my foundation with a bit of Garnier BB Cream, added more blush & fixed the eyes.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Christmas Goodies & Pictures

I hope everyone had a merry christmas & got everything they asked for! ^.^
I want to share a couple of beauty related goodies that I received.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Everyday face products I use.

When I post my FOTD's I don't usually go into depth about how many & what products I use on my face so I wanted to make one that you can refer to if you wish. These products are a mixture of my HG's, products I'm trying to use up & new products that I have started to wear daily. Click here to view my current foundation routine.

It looks like a lot more than what it is, really lol.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Festive Holiday Makeup

I wore this out to my partners work Christmas dinner, & wanted something a bit festive but not using the typical Christmas-y colours. I also knew I didn't want to wear red lips because I wore them out to dinner a few nights before & it faded & just looked awful, and I'd rather not worry about it!
My skin looks photoshopped, but please believe me that it's not!

Friday, December 21, 2012

MAC & OPI Haul

If you haven't been to before, you should check it out! --If you're in Australia, of course. They have great deals going all the time & a couple of months ago they had MAC & OPI on sale. Unfortunately the worst part of the website is the shipping- yes I have finally just received my products when I ordered them in October I think? When I saw they had MAC, I knew I would have to set my alarm as a reminder so I could go on straight away and not miss out. Honestly, it was quite disappointing! They said they had a huge selection, but when I went on at 9am on the dot they had 3 lipsticks, about 7 eye shadows & 7 blushes to choose from, so maybe it pays to be a member? O.P.I on the other hand had an amazing choice! Anyway, I still managed to pick up a few goodies.

Monday, December 17, 2012

MissAshii's 300 Follower Giveaway! CLOSED

I am super excited to announce my sort-of-belated 300 follower giveaway! It is my first time doing something like this, and I found it so fun picking out products for you all!
Although it is my first time, I know I have a range of international followers who I am so thankful to have here, so this is in fact open Internationally so I am able to thank all of my followers.
Firstly, everything was bought with my own money except the 3 Makeupgeek eyeshadows which were sent to me a while ago for review, & I had a couple of extras to give out. Otherwise absolutely everything else was hand chosen & paid for by moi.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Double Post // Purples FOTD // Bh Cosmetics Day & Night //

I bring you a double post of my most recent purple makeup looks using the Bh Cosmetics Day & Night palette, one is a bit lighter & more spring-y & the other is a lot more dramatic. View the colours of the palette here.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Festival Makeup: Winged Eyes & Bold Lips

I had no idea how I wanted to do my makeup for Stereosonic this year a couple of weeks ago, but since I had recently bought Morange I thought I would use that... if you want my advice I wouldn't go for bold lips, especially if you can't be bothered to re-apply after each drink or every time you eat like me. It looks great in theory, but the maintenance is a pain! Luckily I still went for somewhat dramatic eyes with my liner.
This is what I wore last year so it is alike in some ways.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Recently Bought Items// Lips, Face & More

These are the items I have slowly collected over a few weeks. Unfortunately the delivery person in my town quit so we have had to collect our packages from the post office this past week, and I still have more waiting in the mail so that is frustrating.
Also I've found a few bargains but unfortunately they would probably be over, but if I find them I post on instagram so follow me @missashii_x

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fave Body Products// Smooth Skin for Summer

Summer is finally here!! If you live in the southern hemisphere, that it. It started out cold & cloudy but it is getting warmer now, not that we don't have plenty of time for that. Looking forward to the beach, jetski & barbeques!
So as it comes to Summer, the clothes get smaller & bodies get tanner. If you're not naturally tanned, fake tan is a must for a healthy summer glow (not that you need to be tanned to look healthy). And for that you will want smooth,hydrated skin.
Here are my fave body products that I feel achieves that!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day To Night// Graphic Gold & Black // Ft Katy Perry lashes

I started out with this makeup during the day.... it isn't essentially a day time look but it was day enough for me :P We were in the city for Stereosonic (best day!!) but this was the day before were we got to go out to lunch & shopping with friends and we got to see our niece for the first time in ages! Sorry for the pic heavy post.
Day Makeup

Monday, November 26, 2012

Lip Inventory 2: Reds

I've done the pinks here and now it's my red lipsticks collection turn. I always used to be scared of wearing red lips out but now I've gotten used to it, depending on what I'm wearing on the rest of my face. Please to dear god tell me you can see the differences & finishes in these lipsticks, I know some are very similar, though. & again please ignore the messy application, as you probably know red lipstick is hard to wear without applying lip liner & using a brush first.

 L-R Nyx Round Lipstick in Eros, Avon Color Rich Mega Impact in Really Rosy, Maybelline Color Sensational in Are You Red-dy, Revlon Matte Lipstick in 005 Strawberry Suede, Innoxa Ultra Lips in Hot Chilli, Australis Moisture Intense in Saigon, BYS Matte Lipstick in Tango, Nyx Soft Matte Lip cream in Amsterdam

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Simple Glamourous Makeup // ft BhCosmetics//

Firstly, wow I have finally hit 300 followers! Thank you to all the new guys, plus of course the old ones :) I hope to host my first giveaway sometime in the near future so stay tuned for that! I just have to find some goodies now :)

 I loved Laurenbeautyy's Special Occasion Video using Bhcosmetic's Day & Night palette and it was a 'coincidence' that I bought it on sale a few days after, and then I though hey I can actually try it now! Mind you I had forgotten most of what she did in the tutorial so I just played along, trying to keep in mind something along the lines of her look.
So now I look back & it is very different, however mine wasn't intended for night time & I wore it to work during the day. (I did use the same colour on the lid & it came out entirely different :S) I still <3 it, though! I wasn't sure whether to name it a day or night look, this palette is confusing me, hehe.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Small Haul: Mac & Sportsgirl

On this weekend (2 weekends ago) we did the quickest roadtrip in history. 1400 km there & back in just over 24 hours to Perth! And that reason is... well, you will find out at the bottom of the post! But lets just say it will be the best thing for us for summer :D
So on this rush trip I was still able to get a bit of shopping in with my brothers' girl Kadie, we got to go to Garden City where I remembered they had MAC (again) so I had to buy a few things.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bh Cosmetics Day & Night Palette + First FOTD with it!

I ordered the Day & Night platte from as they were having a sale so I paid $10.50 for this bad boy! (not incl. shipping). You should follow their facebook page because they have so many great specials on all the time!
        I received it on Tuesday and I have been using it ever since.. there are so many gorgeous colour combos you can do, sometimes I even do the unthinkable & use the night colours during the day ;) I'm so bad! :P Infact I like to use most of the night colours all the time since they're so purdy but the light pinks will come in handy for the warmer weather.
 Using flash so you can see the gorgeous shimmers..

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cherry Culture Haul: Jordana & Nyx + My giveaway goodies.

If you couldn't tell I have been hauling a bit lately, although I haven't been ordering too much so I don't feel bad ;)
I have been influenced by a fair few aussie youtube beauty guru's lately since I have been watching more of them, and this time Laurenbeautyy *MADE* me need to buy a couple of Jordana blushes... aand also the Nyx lip liner.

Thursday, November 8, 2012 small eyelash haul!

Thanks to ChloeMorello on youtube I found the website (No affiliation to both) which has an awesome arrange of eyelashes!!
When I ordered on there I didn't realize I had to confirm through email my address before they would send it... so after 2 weeks of waiting I went on & saw that I had to! I looked through my emails but then realized as I used our linked paypal account it went under my partners email.... gahh.. so I confirmed and actually knew they were on their way. However by the time I actually received them it had been over a month... oh well it was my fault but I hate waiting! Especially as I was looking forward to something in particular..... Read on to have a look :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mishelle's Christmas Giveaway

Mishelle is a lovely Australian blogger holding a giveaway, unfortunately you have to be Australian to enter so if you are don't miss out! (she will do international giveaways in the future).
Click the pic to find out how to enter
Closes 5/12/2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

Jewel Smoky Eye Makeup

This was inspired by a fairly recent video of Lisa Eldridge just using a dark base & jewel-toned colours over the top. It really doesn't matter which colours you use or the placement as long as they stand out & are jewel-toned, however the black base will take away some of the brightness. Sadly this was an "all dressed up, nowhere to go" look but I had fun doing it and will def. do it again for a night out. You can also go with a nude lip with this but I wanted bright lips, too. Keep reading to see how I used my colours!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Brush Haul: Sigma, Real Techniques & Brush Storage.

Typically after showing you my foundation routine, I have to go and buy new brushes, huh! Not that I don't do the same technique but anyway, I thought I would treat myself to a few new brushes as I haven't for a while. :)

Real Techniques
I ordered these from, shipping was very reasonable at $12 for next day shipping or $4 for the usual waiting time. I received mine in a week which I think is the best shipping time I've ever had! Plus you cannot beat the prices online to instore at priceline!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Glam Smoky Eye Picture Tutorial

While I was doing this makeup for an engagement party I thought I may as well take pictures from each step for another tutorial. This is very similar to the eye's I wore here except a bit more glammed up with optional glitter, using the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. Keep reading to see how to do this look!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Lipstick Inventory Part 1: Pinks

I've been working on this for the longest time haha. The only thing is I've been too lazy to do a whole lot of lipstick swatches but yay I did it, even if my lips were hurting at the end :P I was actually inspired by a post by the lovely Karima a while back to go through my lipsticks & see how many are actually similar.
Please look past the messy application, the closeups were mainly so you can see the colours. Unfortunately not all are as accurate as what I would like =/

For most of these lipsticks I will link them to when I've used them in FOTD's so please check it out so you can see what it looks like with other makeup & full-faced!

Light Pinks
 L-R: BYS Foxy Fuchsia, Revlon Colorburst in Candy Pink, Nyx Round Lipstick in Strawberry Milk, Nyx Round Lipstick in Harmonica, Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sultry Bronzed Fall Makeup

It's far from fall here but some days have been feeling a little bit cooler, so I hopped on the fall makeup bandwagon lol.
These camera angles make my forehead & nose huge & my chin tiny! eep.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Going in for the peel.

I posted about the peel I was getting a while back, called the 2b Bio Peel which you can see my before/ during/ after pics here. Lately my skins' been feeling congested & I still have some scarring from my acne, but apart from that it has been ok although I still get the occasional pimple. I'm going to do another course of 4 of the same peel to refresh my skin & I wanted to share actual pics of the peel.
Warning: There are some not-so-pretty pictures coming up ahead!

Taken before I left the house.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Naked smoky eye with a bright twist.

I actually wore this eyeshadow look 3 times this week- something I've never done. [my eye makeup that was unfinished in my Essence mascara review] But I changed up the lipsticks & added falsies & glitter for another one. These pics were taken the day I had my peel (post coming on that soon!) & I used my mineral foundation which is a wee bit too dark for me but I think it looks nice when I'm not extremely pale, just to add some colour. I have also just started loving this lipstick again- see what combo it is down below!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Roadtest: Essence I Love Extreme Volume Review

So I bought this in my haul back in July & finally cracked it open although I still have a few mascara's on the go. I just bought it without hearing anything about it so I thought that would be interesting. I have been wearing it for the past few days so here is my thoughts.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Summer Makeup: Neutral eyes, bright lips.

So if you're lucky enough to be coming into summer, who else can't wait for it!? It is slowly getting warmer  here woohoo. I know that I do not like to wear heavy makeup if it is hot 'coz it feels like it is sliding off your face, so I think something similar to this will be a staple for my summer makeup!

I pretty much copied this from one of my fave youtube guru's, ChloeMorello. I know I have mentioned her before but she does have great videos & tutorials and the fact that she's an aussie is a winner. Thanks to her I've been watching a lot more aussie youtubers! I know that she called hers a clubbing look but I think its wearable for day as well. (but it does kinda look more dramatic on her- lashes make a difference). What do you think?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A small update + recent makeovers & kitty pics!

So not much has changed lately, work is going good, I now have 2 more assignments to go woohoo, an assessment and then I shall be hopefully qualified as a beauty therapist :D
The main gist of this post is to show you some makeup I have done on friends recently.. not as much as I'd like though, coz I'm getting used to doing it on other people now yahoo! I also got to do a younger girls flower girl makeup which was nice because I had to keep it natural but let her beauty shine through :D

This is my friend Shenitta who came over from interstate at the start of september. She is also a beauty therapist!
 Going out for dinnner
I used the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, if my memory serves me well I used: Verve, Pistol, Busted, Tease & Bootycall. Ignore the eyeliner, I haven't quite got the knack of doing that on other yet. She has a similar eyeshape to me so it's quite easy to choose eyeshadow placement for her lol.

Friday, October 5, 2012

My Updated Foundation Routine. Pic Heavy Step by Step

This is something which I think I will keep changing as I try new products & brushes but it's always nice to have an established base routine. Last year I posted this and while most of the products & techniques are the same but I like the results better.(wow I didn't realize how many things are *actually* the same! Most of the things used today are from my Project Empty.)
Please note: I had my eyebrows tinted the day before although one of them looks filled in :S I also pretty much always do my eye makeup first but because I was doing a neutral eye today I decided to do foundation first so you can see the effect properly.
(not my pic.. forgot to take my own.)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

JooMoo Face Wash Review

 JooMoo is a "Revolutionary new skincare company" that is targeted for young teenagers (ages 14-24) with skin problems, namely acne, oily-ness & allergies, which was created after trying to create a solution after developing a skin allergy that seemed untreatable. They wanted to develop an effective natural face wash & discovered that the skin needs to be cleaned & restored back to it's natural environment in order to prevent & cure most skin diseases. JooMoo was launched in June 2012 in the UK.

The Product
Packaging: This is in a nice squeeze-y tube that makes it easy to control how much product you need. The design on the packaging itself is colourful & creative & appealing to teenagers. It claims on the front: 100% Truly Natural. Prevent spotty, sore & inflamed skin. And Exclusively for young, sensitive skin.
Product: A foaming gel that would require oil-flow in the skin as it feels like it helps take away some of the oily-ness to balance the skin. It smells strongly of cinnamon as it has a lot of cinnamon-related properties in the ingredients. It is a nice, refreshing smell that lingers on the skin afterwards, and you can even smell it through the bottle!
Ingredients:  The main ingredients are Aqua, Saccharum Officinarum (unrefined sugar) Extract, Sea Salt (good for reducing oil-flow) Honey (anti-inflammation properties), Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange- Vit. C that is good for pigmentation )..... and at the end are a few different ones involving cinnamomum (cinnamon, hence the fragrance). It also has one with Cassia which is a Chinese cinnamon that is known to help flush out redness by creating a false heat. As this is all natural with no preservatives you can expect it to slightly change colour which is normal. However it does have a best before date on it but it should be fine to use after.

 My Thoughts
 I have to agree with the philosophy of JooMoo that skincare products need to restore the natural environment of the skin in order to cure the problems . My skin still gets the occasional pimple
& I have a bit of redness so I thought this product would be good for me, however as I have no oil-flow it made my skin feel tight & extremely dry, so I couldn't use it over a long enough period to test it out properly. However I will pass it on to someone that I think it would benefit. I have found this review here with different opinions & more information if you wish to check it out (N/A)
Check out their website here. The price of this face wash is aprox. AU$7.40 (bargain! for 100ml).

Sorry for all the words but thanks for reading if you did. I cannot recommend this product based on my experiences with having dry skin but if you are interested please read the other review I posted above to see if it would suit you.

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by the company with intention to review. This has not affected my review in any way, all thoughts & opinions are 100% my own. Information derived from what was sent to me and also some from my training for my course :D*

Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

Neutral Arabic-Inspired with Ombre Lips!

I was inspired by one of my newest fave Aussie Youtubers, ChloeMorello. She is so beautiful & does her makeup gorgeously. I am pretty sure this is the video I was inspired by- however mine is not so wedding-y. It was really just the lid colours & placement that I copied haha.

I had so much fun doing this makeup! I have also started doing my under eye concealer differently, please let me know what you think! And also around the eyebrows & lips. I'm thinking of posting an updated foundation routine so let me know if you're interested.

 Please click on the pics to view them larger!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Smokey Glitter; Subtle or Dramatic?

These are from 2 different weekends but I wanted to do a glittery cut crease & a subtle glitter clubbing look. I used the same Sleek Palette- my go to, dramatic-smokey-eye look Bad Girl in both looks with Glitter by Nyx. These are definitely way too OTT for during the day but perfect for an eye-catching night look.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Inglot & MAC Haul & Swatches

We went up to the city for a birthday on the weekend. I had planned to haul even though I'm on my "unofficial no-buy" but it was going to be every second month anyway & I haven't bought anything since mid July (lets forget that one lipstick, though... :))

I've always walked past the Inglot in Garden City (Booragoon, Perth) but new I needed to buy more Inglot ever since last time :) I was looking through every thing & was only going to buy a 5 piece freedom palette until they told me apparently Inglot is shutting down in Perth?? There are only 2 counters in Karrinyup & Booragoon so if you live in Perth, get down there before October 11!  W.A gets so hard done by for everything and now they want to take away Inglot. :(  But since they have only had just over a months notice I'm hoping they are going to build a bigger & better shop. (maybe, we can wish though)

The ladies who helped me were so helpful.. I had a list on my phone of some numbers but that got too hard :P. I especially wanted colours that I didn't have anything like (as you do) although it was so overwhelming that I picked a couple that I might have similar colours to already -.-.  I *cringe* accidently dropped a tester face down onto the counter and felt soo bad but she said it was fine & it happens all the time.... swept it up in the bin... I was kicking myself because I should have asked to get it put into a jar & payed for it anyway! At the end she also offered to put them into the palette for me but where's the fun in that :P

...Onto the haul & swatches ...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Recent Empties + MsAmericanPie's Giveaway!

Agees ago I announced my "Project Empty" but I haven't really posted anything official about it. So I'm slowly getting there, and I mean slowly, haha. I hate to waste products so I'm going to try and use every last ounce. But I think I will give up with most things like blushes & lip products which will take ages to hit pan on. So I'm not really sticking to it properly but who really follows rules :P
So this post will include other products that I did not mention in my other post.

Hair & Skin Products

Monday, September 10, 2012

Green Eyeshadow, 2 ways.

I hadn't really have done a green look in foreveer, and lets just say I had some idea's in my head & they actually turned out the way I wanted it to, for once! Greens can be worn toned down in more 'earthy' ways or if you like, you can wear them brightly even if it's just a pop of green or over the whole lid.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Two Spring Fresh Makeup Looks

Woo, no more winter here, and so far the first weekend of spring had been amazing! And then of course it's been freezing during the week but this weekend is meant to get better again.
It was perfect weather especially as I had a friend come down from interstate, and it had been 11 years so it was perfect to do all the touristy things & go to the beach.

This makeup was done a while ago now but it will probably be a go-to spring look as it was so easy & light for warmer weather.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Roadtest: Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation Review

Also in my last haul I bought Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation- mainly after seeing Tanya from Pixi2woo on youtube wearing it, and by the sound of it.
As I am still trying to use up my old stuff I've been testing this out here and there so it wont be a lifetime before I'm actually wearing it daily. I'm sorry for my pics being taken in different lighting as well as it will change the colouring.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Roadtest: Essence I love Stage Primer Review & Comparison

I have been an avid fan of Too Faced Shadow Insurance for the biggest time, before I seriously got into makeup I don't know how I could have lived without it. Before TFSI I tried L'oreal Decrease & because I didn't know any better it worked alright. I've only tried a few over primers (Australis Eyeshadow Primer, Face of Australia matte & shimmery eye primers) but I could never stray away from my love.
When I was hauling last time I came across the Essence line & thought I'd give the primer a go. Only because I'd like to have a reliable backup that I could places with TFSI from time to time (my first TFSI did last for 2 years, though).

Monday, August 27, 2012

Dolly Makeup

Although I didn't picture dolls when I was doing my makeup this night, I suppose looking back at the pics with how my eyes were lined, my falsies, my high-necked lacey dress & my extremely false-looking smile it would appear that I did lol. So I thought why not name it that, then lol. CSB, right? :) I thought so.

I did this look for my friends birthday, I really only wanted to have big, dramatic winged liner but somehow it doesn't look how dramatic I pictured it to be, lol. Ahwell!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Winter Smokes FOTD

*Ahem* Yes this another late FOTD.. about a month late woopsie!
Winter is coming to an end here, the weekends are becoming summery <3 yay. But this past week it was raining & cold as hale but looks like its going away. Soon I'll be ready for summer and everyone else will be getting ready for winter lol, damn being in a different hemisphere. But I will probably want to wear heavier makeup just like I've been inspired by summer makeup lol.

 Anyways, I hope y'all like this look. It's just a nice light, brown smokey eye that's nice for daytime.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

HG Makeup Remover Wipes, Garnier Clean Sensitive.

Welp, the title says it all haha. I mentioned this in my Skincare routine post, but is it so weird that I want to rave about it? No, I don't think so lol.

I have tried maany wipes before, but nothing seriously compares to these babies. Removing your makeup at night is just as important as wearing it so you needa find the right ones, 'specially if you like to go without cleansing.
 I have used them once before, but when I went to buy them again they didn't have it in for ages. And lo-and-behold, I go in one day and they're backk! Which I was so happy about, and I think they were only changing the packaging. As you can see it's for dry sensitive skin. Most wipes can leave your face feeling tight afterwards but this does not. I can go without using my face wash & moisturizer for a little bit, whereas usually I don't want to leave my skin without them.

 It's hard to see, but these wipes are very 'moist' (I'm sorry, I know heaps of people hate that word !! lol) and you can see the bubbles of moisture on them (IRL, anyway.) So afterwards your skin still has some of that moisture on it. These are super soft & feel great around the eyes.
With one wipe, most of my makeup came off. I go over my skin again just for good measure. It also is good at removing waterproof makeup & doesn't hurt the eyes. Did I mention it is also so soft?

All in all, I will continue to buy these wipes again & again. I haven't tried the wipes from this line for normal skin, but please let me know if you have and your thoughts. The price for me was AU$8.95.
Thanks for reading, if your still looking for good makeup remover wipes I definitely recommend these.

*Disclaimer: I bought these with my own money, I am not affiliated with Garnier and all thoughts are 100% my own.*