Thursday, August 30, 2012

Roadtest: Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation Review

Also in my last haul I bought Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation- mainly after seeing Tanya from Pixi2woo on youtube wearing it, and by the sound of it.
As I am still trying to use up my old stuff I've been testing this out here and there so it wont be a lifetime before I'm actually wearing it daily. I'm sorry for my pics being taken in different lighting as well as it will change the colouring.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Roadtest: Essence I love Stage Primer Review & Comparison

I have been an avid fan of Too Faced Shadow Insurance for the biggest time, before I seriously got into makeup I don't know how I could have lived without it. Before TFSI I tried L'oreal Decrease & because I didn't know any better it worked alright. I've only tried a few over primers (Australis Eyeshadow Primer, Face of Australia matte & shimmery eye primers) but I could never stray away from my love.
When I was hauling last time I came across the Essence line & thought I'd give the primer a go. Only because I'd like to have a reliable backup that I could places with TFSI from time to time (my first TFSI did last for 2 years, though).

Monday, August 27, 2012

Dolly Makeup

Although I didn't picture dolls when I was doing my makeup this night, I suppose looking back at the pics with how my eyes were lined, my falsies, my high-necked lacey dress & my extremely false-looking smile it would appear that I did lol. So I thought why not name it that, then lol. CSB, right? :) I thought so.

I did this look for my friends birthday, I really only wanted to have big, dramatic winged liner but somehow it doesn't look how dramatic I pictured it to be, lol. Ahwell!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Winter Smokes FOTD

*Ahem* Yes this another late FOTD.. about a month late woopsie!
Winter is coming to an end here, the weekends are becoming summery <3 yay. But this past week it was raining & cold as hale but looks like its going away. Soon I'll be ready for summer and everyone else will be getting ready for winter lol, damn being in a different hemisphere. But I will probably want to wear heavier makeup just like I've been inspired by summer makeup lol.

 Anyways, I hope y'all like this look. It's just a nice light, brown smokey eye that's nice for daytime.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

HG Makeup Remover Wipes, Garnier Clean Sensitive.

Welp, the title says it all haha. I mentioned this in my Skincare routine post, but is it so weird that I want to rave about it? No, I don't think so lol.

I have tried maany wipes before, but nothing seriously compares to these babies. Removing your makeup at night is just as important as wearing it so you needa find the right ones, 'specially if you like to go without cleansing.
 I have used them once before, but when I went to buy them again they didn't have it in for ages. And lo-and-behold, I go in one day and they're backk! Which I was so happy about, and I think they were only changing the packaging. As you can see it's for dry sensitive skin. Most wipes can leave your face feeling tight afterwards but this does not. I can go without using my face wash & moisturizer for a little bit, whereas usually I don't want to leave my skin without them.

 It's hard to see, but these wipes are very 'moist' (I'm sorry, I know heaps of people hate that word !! lol) and you can see the bubbles of moisture on them (IRL, anyway.) So afterwards your skin still has some of that moisture on it. These are super soft & feel great around the eyes.
With one wipe, most of my makeup came off. I go over my skin again just for good measure. It also is good at removing waterproof makeup & doesn't hurt the eyes. Did I mention it is also so soft?

All in all, I will continue to buy these wipes again & again. I haven't tried the wipes from this line for normal skin, but please let me know if you have and your thoughts. The price for me was AU$8.95.
Thanks for reading, if your still looking for good makeup remover wipes I definitely recommend these.

*Disclaimer: I bought these with my own money, I am not affiliated with Garnier and all thoughts are 100% my own.*

Monday, August 20, 2012

Masquerade Makeup: Drama if you dare.

A few weekends ago we went to a masquerade ball. Of course I wanted to do big, dramatic makeup for it lol. It was a really good night... when they started playing good music lol. The dress code was meant to be strict but there were quite a few people in short club dresses and people without masks... which is not what a masquerade ball is about! lol. Anyway, apart from that, it was reallly hot in the ball area and because my mask was tucked into my hair it was hard to take it off without my eyes smudging lol.

Friday, August 17, 2012

My Updated Skincare Routine

Its been a while since I've posted my skincare routine/ products and as you can imagine a few things have changed since then. So if anyone is interested in what I use continue on!

Please note: My skin is dry/dehydrated & I get the occasional pimple. Ever since getting a series of facial peels a few years ago pimples are a rare occasion these days. However I still have quite a bit of scarring & redness.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How to Purple Smokey Eye & FOTD

Are you ready to see the most beautiful purple ever!?
I wanted to pair my beeautiful inglot shadow with maybelline's color tattoo in painted purple, since they paired up lol :P I also wanted to show you how badly it (color tattoo) applies :(
So since I haven't done one in a while I thought I may as well do a step by step yayyy. Hope you like!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream eyeshadows swatches

These are the ones I bought in my haul post and wanted to make a quick post with swatches & a short review.
They have been out for a while but have recently came into Australia, where you can get pretty much anywhere that sells Maybelline for $11.95 which is a very reasonable price. I got it in the colours Tenacious Teal, Painted Purple & Pomegranate punk.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Footy Blues FOTD

It feels like I haven't posted a FOTD for a little bit, this is actually from while we were away so it should say FOAFWA (face of a few weeks ago) :P
Anyway, we went to the footy and I wore these colours to support my man's footy team... although I rather dislike them! hahah.  And they lost anyway =/

Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Sleek Palettes

I've been wanting to swatch my 3 Sleek palettes for so long so here they are! They are all swatched on top of L'oreal decrease primer- only because I've had it for ages and want to get rid of it haha

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Winter Warmer Clothing buys

Of course I also bought clothes when I went away, although not as much as what I would like but my suitcase was already filled to the top & I had spent enough already :p
I wish I had a full length mirror to show the clothes properly, but you will have to envision them looking nice haha. I can't believe its august, which means that winter is nearly over (for the southern half of the earth, lol). The days have already started to get a tiny bit longer haha.

These first 3 items were purchased from Roads.