Friday, December 21, 2012

MAC & OPI Haul

If you haven't been to before, you should check it out! --If you're in Australia, of course. They have great deals going all the time & a couple of months ago they had MAC & OPI on sale. Unfortunately the worst part of the website is the shipping- yes I have finally just received my products when I ordered them in October I think? When I saw they had MAC, I knew I would have to set my alarm as a reminder so I could go on straight away and not miss out. Honestly, it was quite disappointing! They said they had a huge selection, but when I went on at 9am on the dot they had 3 lipsticks, about 7 eye shadows & 7 blushes to choose from, so maybe it pays to be a member? O.P.I on the other hand had an amazing choice! Anyway, I still managed to pick up a few goodies.

As I mentioned, O.P.I had an awesome selection so it was hard to choose! But I knew I had to grab these 2 polishes from the James Bond collection, The Living Daylights & Goldeneye. I'm planning to do a gradient with goldeneye & a red for Christmas! Someone who drove me to order it was Sleepandwater.
 & then I thought I would get 2 extra polishes, going with Natural Nail Strengthener & Hot & Spicy. Although I really should think about similar colours!! I have an Essence one that looks so similar to H&S so I will have to do a comparison on that. I've tried out the strengthener, & while I can't feel a difference just yet it did dry fairly quickly. I will probably use it as a top coat every few days, or when my nails feel weak from being in water so often for work.
Obviously no need to swatch the nail strengthener, but even on paper these turn out so pretty.

 So although there were a few blushes to choose from, not many caught my eye. But I've heard a lot about pink swoon & it's always looked so pretty to me so that one I got. I couldn't swatch it on my hand without it showing up so I'll let you know when I use it.
 Out of the 3 lipsticks, I already had one (hue). I was hoping to get Impassioned but of course they didn't have it! So I bought the other 2, Myth & Rebel.
 Myth is a sort of orangey nude & rebel is a gorgeous dark purple which I have nothing like so it will be perfect in the colder months.

So yeah that's pretty much it! Don't forget to check out ozsale and sign up for emails so you know straight away when the good deals are on


  1. Ooooh what a lovely haul! I was quite disappointed when I saw the selection of MAC when I went on the website too - oh well it means I didn't spend any money haha. I already have all the MAC goodies you picked up and I guarantee you're going to love them as much as I do! :D x

    1. That was a good thing, actually, I didn't spend as much as what I thought I would! Ooh yay I'm sure I will!! x

  2. What an amazing haul. I love OPI nail polishes,goldeneye looks fantastic!


  3. Lovely choices! The Skyfall collection has been one of my favourites this year and I love MAC's Rebel. <3

  4. I had a feeling when you told me you'd ordered OPI it was from Ozsale haha! :) Lovely purchases! Enjoy the polishes - I'm wearing GoldenEye right now!

    1. Only because of you, sweetie! I'm wearing it too- (with red)- so festive! x

  5. Nice haul. I have the 2 lipsticks and the gold nailpolish - you will LOVE them! Rebel is so pretty I can't wait to see how you wear it =) And the gold nailpolish I am just absolutely obsessed with! Btw that blush is so pretty!


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