Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A small update + recent makeovers & kitty pics!

So not much has changed lately, work is going good, I now have 2 more assignments to go woohoo, an assessment and then I shall be hopefully qualified as a beauty therapist :D
The main gist of this post is to show you some makeup I have done on friends recently.. not as much as I'd like though, coz I'm getting used to doing it on other people now yahoo! I also got to do a younger girls flower girl makeup which was nice because I had to keep it natural but let her beauty shine through :D

This is my friend Shenitta who came over from interstate at the start of september. She is also a beauty therapist!
 Going out for dinnner
I used the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, if my memory serves me well I used: Verve, Pistol, Busted, Tease & Bootycall. Ignore the eyeliner, I haven't quite got the knack of doing that on other yet. She has a similar eyeshape to me so it's quite easy to choose eyeshadow placement for her lol.

Party Eyes
She said she was sick of the same old purple that she did for going out, and she loved Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Tenacious Teal so I based the look off of that. I also used Makeupgeek's Mermaid, a dark blue from the Sleek Bad Girl Palette & MAC's Contrast. The eyeliner turned out good on one side, not so much on the other.
For both of these I let her apply the waterline & mascara so I don't completely stuff it up :P

I did this for my brothers girl when we went out (same night as my smokey gold look) and she just wanted a super smokey look with a lighter crease. I used the blacks in Sleek Bad Girl with a taupe from Inglot, Vanit eyeshadow stick in white with my Inglot white e/s.

I did this on our work experience girl Teegan for my Tafe work, I had to do a day time look & a glamour look.
 28 neutral palette
 UD Naked 2: YDK, Blackout, Tease.

& I also did my mums makeup for Tafe :)
 28 neutral palette
UD Naked 1: Hustle, Naked, Buck, Creep

And now for the kitty pictures.... look away if you don't like cats.. (but who can resist these! ^.^)
 Chester hunting Mishka
 Mishka hiding behind the tank.. look at those piercing eyes!
 ..in a log! Dear god I love her to bits but she doesn't like being cuddled :(
 Brother & sister attack!!
 Chester came with me on my bed to watch some youtube videos...
...and proceeded to fall asleep on the keyboard!

Sadly not long after these pics were taken, Chester came inside one  night with an injured eye & bleeding nose & mouth.. we took him to the vets in the morning and found out he had head trauma and didn't know if he was going to keep his left eye. Luckily everything was all good but now it doesn't look like he can see out of his eye :( & he is finally back to his old self. No idea what happened to him but we don't think he was hit by a car.... but now he's cheeky again :D

Thank you for looking!
If anyone has tips for eyeliner & mascara when doing someone else's makeup let me know!


  1. aww poor kitty hope he is all right! Congrats on your classes too!~ well the things that helped me do eye stuff on people was to keep my left hand on their upper face very gently (I'm right handed) and also use very light pressure, it might take longer but the session turns out better :)

    1. Thanks huni, he is alright just his eye doesn't look like it will heal properly!
      Ah yeah, I do try that, but maybe I just don't steady myself enough haha. <3

  2. Great Job! Well done!

  3. Awww, so sad to hear about Chester - but I'm glad he's feeling better now! I love the different looks you have created - you're so talented! :)


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