Monday, September 17, 2012

Inglot & MAC Haul & Swatches

We went up to the city for a birthday on the weekend. I had planned to haul even though I'm on my "unofficial no-buy" but it was going to be every second month anyway & I haven't bought anything since mid July (lets forget that one lipstick, though... :))

I've always walked past the Inglot in Garden City (Booragoon, Perth) but new I needed to buy more Inglot ever since last time :) I was looking through every thing & was only going to buy a 5 piece freedom palette until they told me apparently Inglot is shutting down in Perth?? There are only 2 counters in Karrinyup & Booragoon so if you live in Perth, get down there before October 11!  W.A gets so hard done by for everything and now they want to take away Inglot. :(  But since they have only had just over a months notice I'm hoping they are going to build a bigger & better shop. (maybe, we can wish though)

The ladies who helped me were so helpful.. I had a list on my phone of some numbers but that got too hard :P. I especially wanted colours that I didn't have anything like (as you do) although it was so overwhelming that I picked a couple that I might have similar colours to already -.-.  I *cringe* accidently dropped a tester face down onto the counter and felt soo bad but she said it was fine & it happens all the time.... swept it up in the bin... I was kicking myself because I should have asked to get it put into a jar & payed for it anyway! At the end she also offered to put them into the palette for me but where's the fun in that :P

...Onto the haul & swatches ...

 If you don't know much about Inglot, The shade names are arranged into 5 finishes;

"Matte, which has no sheen or shimmer.
Pearl, which has both shimmer and sheen and is my personal favourite.
Double Sparkle (or DS) is a satin formulation with microfine shimmer.
AMC is similar to DS but with less sparkle, the shimmer is few and far in between.
AMC Shine is a more metallic/frosty finish eyeshadow with a high level of sheen."

Quoted from one of my fave bloggers- Karima at shameless-fripperies

Eyeshadows are $10 each + extra cost for the palette depending on the size.

All pics: Top- Flash, Bottom- Natural {diminishing} Light

L-R: M 373, P 393, P 407, DS 460, P 420
I'm so happy that I finally have a good matte white! It didn't swatch the best here but it is so pigmented. I'm also really happy with the 2nd highlighting colour & the taupey colours on the end. The middle one is probably something I have that's very similar already.

Sorry that my swatches aren't the best. I would appreciate any tips on getting good swatches! I did put a layer of foundation on first just so they would stick instead of just primer. I just find it hard to put on neatly with my finger, or does everybody else use a brush??

L-R AMC Shine 39, AMC 74, AMC 68, M 338, P 428
I only got a couple of mattes because I don't use them as much.. but I will probably get more next time for more of a range.

The one in the pot plus my other 3 shadows which I bought in July.

L-R -AMC 60, DS 495, P 439, DS 465.
The yellow in the pot was half price, which ended up being $12.50 for some reason that it is more than the others. *maybe because it was in a pot?*

Inglot thoughts: Love the texture of every single one I have, they are so buttery & pigmented! The only gripe I have is that they are so hard to get out of the palette sometimes, even with using the magnet on the lid, you have to be careful not to dig at it! However the palettes are really nice & sturdy, but I'd hate to think of how it would end up if I dropped it on tiles.

MAC Mineralize blush in Warm Soul, Inglot Face Blush 51.
Firstly before Inglot I went into Mecca Cosmetica (They sell NARS, Stila, By Terry ETC) to see if they had MAC.. they didn't as I had asked for it, but soon discovered that they had MAC in Myers at Booragoon (I never noticed it before!) I guess she didn't want to tell me so I would buy from them instead! W.S was $43 and the Inglot blush was $22.
L-R Warm Soul, Inglot 51.

I had only bought W.S as one of my newly fave youtubers ChloeMorello wears it so often, but I didn't even test it before I bought it, and she is quite tanned so I hope it looks ok on me. :) Both colours especially the Inglot one came up so much pigmentedon a brush on me.

More Goodies:
Technically I did not buy these but my lovely cousin didn't use them so she gave them to me :D
L-R Vani-T Eye Crayons, Napolean Perdis Set Liquid  Eyeliner's, Bloom Lip Butters.

These Vani-T Eye Crayons are very similar to NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, except probably more creamier. Oh and I just found out they are wind-able which is easier than sharpening. The most annoying thing is that you can't tell which colour is which from the outside. I go through them all to find the one I want!
I'm not sure what these retail at, but I know you can buy it from Hairmart. *ETD: I looked online and these are mainly in Australia. They also retail at $29.80 each 0.o which is something I normally wouldn't spend on pencils if I found dupes.*

I'm not really a fan of NP at all, but these eyeliners are pretty nice... the black one is a really nice inky black! The brush is really thin though, which makes it harder if you're not used to liquid eyeliner.

Bloom Lip Butters in A Natural Women & Who's That Girl. Fairly sheer, moisturizing lip products. I like the way they smell and they would be handy to keep in my bag.

Thanks so much for looking, I hope my swatches will help for choosing colours. I know it made it a lot easier for me to look at swatches beforehand.

ashii xx


  1. No words can explain how jealous I am right now! Those Inglot shadows look AMAZING! Definitely going to go crazy with Inglot goodies at IMATS this year!

    1. Oh no let me be jealous of you going to IMATS! Yes I can imagine haha, I do not want to think about how much I would spend there lol.

  2. wow what a massive haul !! the inglot palette looks quite fun .. love the blush too

    1. thanks hun, I don't get to haul too often usually its things here and there so when I get a chance I go all out :P

  3. grrreat haul girl!! your swatches look fine to me! I always do mine on bare skin though- often with a sponge applicator but never a brush. I always use fingers too, you have to get a good idea of texture :)

    1. Ah thanks for the feedback hun.. I see some peoples who's swatches are perfect so I think mine look so messy haha. Yeah that's true about the texture, but I still find I need a sticky base otherwise the colours are never as vibrant as what they should be. Just curious, I can't remember if I've already asked you before or not but how much was Inglot for you to buy?

  4. awesome swatches!! those eye crayons look amazing btw.. whereabouts is hairmart?

    Laura x

    1. Thanks dear :)
      Umm Hairmart is a hair & beauty wholesaler. As far as I know they are very strict about needing trade cards to buy from them. They're in Balcatta, Bibra Lake, Canningvale, Joondalup, Morley & West Perth.. gee I didn't realize it was in so many places haha. I had a look on their website which you can buy online wholey-moley lol they are $29.80 each -.- and my cousin barely used them either.
      hope that helps!

  5. These Inglot shadows look soo great!

  6. The black eyeliner is reallly nice. And OMG Inglot eyeshadows *droooool* those colors are all gorgeous! Can't wait to see the looks you create with them =)

    1. Thanks chikka, I can't wait to use them! Well I have a few times but I can never get it right when I use something new :P

  7. Thanks @starvougue & @betzy'smakeup

  8. I love Inglot the shades in the palette you got are gorgeous xxx


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