Friday, May 10, 2013

LA Girl Blush // Review, Swatches & Comparison

I bought these L.A Girl blushes from IKatehouse not too long ago and you may remember me saying I wasn't too sure about them, because it was so hard to find good swatches at the time so I wasn't sure what I would be getting. The shades I got weren't really unique so I thought I would go through my collection and see what they compared to.

L-R: L.A Girl Blusher in Nectar, Just Pinched
 If you can see on the picture on the left, the flash captures the coral colour and golden sheen of Nectar, and the medium pink with slight shimmer of Just Pinched. The shimmer in both of these blushes are barely noticeable, and they pull more matte on me.

Packaging: Cheap feeling plastic compacts with a lift up mirror & brush underneath the product.
Pigmentation: Sheer, takes a few swipes from the pan to show up.
Texture: Not buttery soft but not hard, with satin/ shimmery finishes.
Price & Where to buy: $2.99 on, Beautyjoint, Cherryculture for $6 but on special for $3.50.


 L-R: MAC Peachykeen, Bourjois Blush #16, Jordana Coral Sandy Beach, E.L.F Peachykeen, L.A Girl Nectar.
The closest blush I have to in Nectar is definitely E.L.F's Peachykeen, they have the same peachy tone & shimmer. I don't think I will get much use out of this blush, I don't use Peachykeen much as it is so I will probably give it to a friend.

Just Pinched
L-R: MAC Dollymix, Nyx Pinky, Bourjois Blusher 54, L.A Girl Just Pinched
 Just Pinched isn't a stand out unique colour, it is probably the closest to Pinky but with the same sheen that Dolly mix has, but not as pigmented as either blushes.

Overall I think there are plenty of other 'drugstore' makeup brands that have better products, I probably wouldn't bother with L.A Girl again as I've found blushes from Nyx, E.L.F, Jordana & Milani have just as good/better pigmentation. I'm going to wear these a couple more times until I decided if I like them enough to keep or give away.

Thanks for reading, what are your favourite drugstore blushes? xx


  1. Love the review and all the swatches . Following you now with GFC and bloglovin dear !

  2. A great honest review. I like bourjois blushes too, xoxo.

  3. So glad for such an honest review now I don't have to hunt these down lol! My fave is still sleek :)

  4. Really like the honest reviews. Well done, honey!

    I wish you a super weekend,


  5. Thanks for share your opinions about that bushers!


  6. So many dupes! I find that most American drugstore products are so similar to each other, the only difference is the formula!

  7. LA Girl seem to be a brand that doesn't get that much attention in the beauty blogging world for whatever reason. I would probably stick with blushes from brands that get more exposure just because they're more popular (and I presume, for a reason). If you have similar colours that are better quality, it's understandable you wouldn't be overly thrilled with those. They're definitely the shades I'd naturally gravitate towards though!

  8. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment, following you too XO

  9. The packaging is cute but I agree, there's not much from the brand that I find interest me. Milani and NYX are my favorite drugstore brand for blushes.

  10. What a great collection of blushes you have! I agree that the LA Girl blushes look cheap- but then again, they are cheap! I really like how Nectar turns out when it is swatched- it is less "terracotta" coloured than in the pan :)

    1. Yep that's exactly right lol you get what you pay for with the price! Yeah it does look a bit much in the pan, but much more subtle once blended :) x


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