Monday, September 24, 2012

Neutral Arabic-Inspired with Ombre Lips!

I was inspired by one of my newest fave Aussie Youtubers, ChloeMorello. She is so beautiful & does her makeup gorgeously. I am pretty sure this is the video I was inspired by- however mine is not so wedding-y. It was really just the lid colours & placement that I copied haha.

I had so much fun doing this makeup! I have also started doing my under eye concealer differently, please let me know what you think! And also around the eyebrows & lips. I'm thinking of posting an updated foundation routine so let me know if you're interested.

 Please click on the pics to view them larger!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Smokey Glitter; Subtle or Dramatic?

These are from 2 different weekends but I wanted to do a glittery cut crease & a subtle glitter clubbing look. I used the same Sleek Palette- my go to, dramatic-smokey-eye look Bad Girl in both looks with Glitter by Nyx. These are definitely way too OTT for during the day but perfect for an eye-catching night look.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Inglot & MAC Haul & Swatches

We went up to the city for a birthday on the weekend. I had planned to haul even though I'm on my "unofficial no-buy" but it was going to be every second month anyway & I haven't bought anything since mid July (lets forget that one lipstick, though... :))

I've always walked past the Inglot in Garden City (Booragoon, Perth) but new I needed to buy more Inglot ever since last time :) I was looking through every thing & was only going to buy a 5 piece freedom palette until they told me apparently Inglot is shutting down in Perth?? There are only 2 counters in Karrinyup & Booragoon so if you live in Perth, get down there before October 11!  W.A gets so hard done by for everything and now they want to take away Inglot. :(  But since they have only had just over a months notice I'm hoping they are going to build a bigger & better shop. (maybe, we can wish though)

The ladies who helped me were so helpful.. I had a list on my phone of some numbers but that got too hard :P. I especially wanted colours that I didn't have anything like (as you do) although it was so overwhelming that I picked a couple that I might have similar colours to already -.-.  I *cringe* accidently dropped a tester face down onto the counter and felt soo bad but she said it was fine & it happens all the time.... swept it up in the bin... I was kicking myself because I should have asked to get it put into a jar & payed for it anyway! At the end she also offered to put them into the palette for me but where's the fun in that :P

...Onto the haul & swatches ...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Recent Empties + MsAmericanPie's Giveaway!

Agees ago I announced my "Project Empty" but I haven't really posted anything official about it. So I'm slowly getting there, and I mean slowly, haha. I hate to waste products so I'm going to try and use every last ounce. But I think I will give up with most things like blushes & lip products which will take ages to hit pan on. So I'm not really sticking to it properly but who really follows rules :P
So this post will include other products that I did not mention in my other post.

Hair & Skin Products

Monday, September 10, 2012

Green Eyeshadow, 2 ways.

I hadn't really have done a green look in foreveer, and lets just say I had some idea's in my head & they actually turned out the way I wanted it to, for once! Greens can be worn toned down in more 'earthy' ways or if you like, you can wear them brightly even if it's just a pop of green or over the whole lid.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Two Spring Fresh Makeup Looks

Woo, no more winter here, and so far the first weekend of spring had been amazing! And then of course it's been freezing during the week but this weekend is meant to get better again.
It was perfect weather especially as I had a friend come down from interstate, and it had been 11 years so it was perfect to do all the touristy things & go to the beach.

This makeup was done a while ago now but it will probably be a go-to spring look as it was so easy & light for warmer weather.