Saturday, November 3, 2012

Brush Haul: Sigma, Real Techniques & Brush Storage.

Typically after showing you my foundation routine, I have to go and buy new brushes, huh! Not that I don't do the same technique but anyway, I thought I would treat myself to a few new brushes as I haven't for a while. :)

Real Techniques
I ordered these from, shipping was very reasonable at $12 for next day shipping or $4 for the usual waiting time. I received mine in a week which I think is the best shipping time I've ever had! Plus you cannot beat the prices online to instore at priceline!

From Real Techniques I got the Face & Eye starter kit & Setting brush. The kits were around $18 when they are $50 here (!!) As much as I wish I could shop locally nothing compares to online prices. The setting brush was $8 when I believe its close to $20 here.
Both starter kits come in cases that double as a stand but I'll probably only use them for traveling.

Face Core Collection kit- Buffing Brush
Here is the buffing brush compared to my old foundation brush, E.L.F Flat Top Powder brush. The difference's are in the handle lengths & the buffing brush is more rounded and not as dense as the E.L.F. It somehow leaves my fdtn feeling wet while the E.L.F one made it feel dry & completely buffed into the skin. Does that make sense?

Contour Brush
 If I knew I was going to order RT brushes I wouldn't have ordered the sigma, but they are both good anyway. The RT contour brush is more rounded while the Sigma one has more of a flat head. As the RT one is synthetic you can also use it for liquids, too.
Pointed Foundation & Detailer Brushes (top & bottom, respectively)
When I first saw the sizes of these (compared to my eco tools concealer brush) I thought how one could use it for their purposes without taking a lifetime!? However I've found the foundation brush is perfect for under eye & around the nose concealer. The precise detailer is indeed good for precise application for small blemishes & for correcting around the lip line & eyebrows.

Eye Starter Kit- Deluxe Crease Brush
 Seriously let me tell you now, unless you have eyes the size of saucepans you do not want this for your crease. In comparison to the 217 brush you can hopefully see that it is huuuge. It would be good for under the eyes as how pixiwoo use it but I quite like it for cream eyeshadows that you blend over the lid & into the crease. It is quite round & dense so it's ok for anything unless you want precision.

Base Eyeshadow brush
 This is nice for a wash of colour over the lid, but as it is quite floppy it isn't good for packing on colour. It is however good for blending in the crease or highlighting.
Pixel Perfect Eyeliner brush
Yeahh um please don't take notice of this name either, because I could not imagining getting perfect eyeliner out of this. I think it would be good for drawing roughly into the crease & the outer v. You can see compared to my Sigma E05 that the tip is not as precise therefore winged eyeliner would be impossible. As the hairs are so long it would be too flimsy, too.

Brow Brush

Once again I think this brush is too big if you like very defined eyebrows but its nice for a more natural look. It's compared here to my old random brow brush & hopefully you can see how much more thicker the hairs are & the size difference. It would be good for smoking colours onto the lash line & blending out the crease slightly.

Accent Brush
This is pretty good for well, precision detailing as it is small & good for the lower lashline if you don't want colour every where. You could also use it for smudging although it's probably too thin for that.

Setting Brush

Loove this, perfect for setting under/ on the eyes, around the nose & lips, and it would also be perfect for highlighting. And its so soft! Compared to the sigma tapered highlighter it is much more smaller but both sizes are good.

-Wish I also ordered the lash & brow groomer as it has metal bristles on the comb side & also comes with a protection cover.
-Ordering from iherb the first time gives you 10% discount woohoo! I also have a voucher for you: HKD726 that you can enter before checkout for 10% off (However I am not sure if these expire or not, huge apologies if it has!).
-Click here to view my review on the RT Blush Brush

Some of you may or may not have noticed that I am now a Sigma Affiliate! Although I haven't done too much about it apart from adding a couple of pictures links. All that means is if you do buy from my page I get 10% profit from what you buy (don't worry it doesn't mean you have to pay more!) So if you'd like to support me I'd really appreciate it but I'm not forcing anyone to. :) Just to let you know I paid for these with my own money & was not sent them to review etc etc.
You can purchase sigma here 
 Tapered Highlighter F35- To replace using my fan brush for highlighter. Love this brush and it's shape, it applies powder highlighters perfectly.
Small Contour F05- I have been wanting a contour brush like this for ages, and I love it for contouring my cheek bones & nose. As you can see in the pic below it has quite a square shape which fits in the hollows nicely. However if I knew I was going to order the RT face kit I probably wouldn't have bothered with this... just to save some $.

 Pencil E30- I bought this more on the wanting & not needing side- I don't think it's really much of a necessity as I have plenty of smaller brushes that do the same job. But it is good for very precise highlighting & crease & lower lashline work.
Short Shader E20- Another type of brush I have needed for ages that I use similarly to the pencil brush & to smudge liner/shader or whatevers. Good brush to have on hand.

Compared to my MAC 217 brush so you can see the size differences in the handle & brush head.

Lip L05- A really nice basic lip brush that comes with a cover so it's great for travelling or keeping in your handbag. In the closeup I've compared it to the RT Precision brush and its smaller than that so it's really good to use to line your lips with lipstick, too.

I also got this along with my brushes- the brow powder was my free gift which matches quite nicely, I will save that for traveling so I don't always need to lug my Sleek Storm palette around. I also got a fall look book which will be hand for next year for inspiration.

Brush Storage
So finally I have an almost completed storage for my brushes. My eye ones used to be in a smaller container & my face ones were lying on their sides in a makeup bag which was annoying to find them in. I bought these pots from Red Dot (discount store) between $5-$10 depending on the size & they fit in nicely! However the big pot is too big for some of my shorter face brushes. I did try them in the smaller one too & they fit so I might get another one & use it for them.
But does anyone know where I can buy some small plastic beads preferably on eBay with international shipping to fit in the bottom of the pot to hold the brushes in place (if I can't find them anywhere I will try popcorn kernels as I've seen on youtube lol). ATM I have some small earring beads in the small pot but not enough for height.

Thanks for looking I hope this helps if you plan on purchasing any brushes from RT & Sigma.


  1. great post, I also ordered my RT brushes from iherb, I ordered the the eye starter kit, the expert face brush, the setting brush and the travel essentials might get the beads at The Reject Shop, though am not sure ..

    1. ooh nice, thanks for the suggestion! I will have a proper look when I go to the city. x

  2. I use coffee beans in my makeup brush holders actually! But I love the smell of coffee haha!

    1. that is a really good idea haha, but I wouldn't want my brushes to smell like coffee lol x

  3. Ahhh I love brushes - Sigma and Real Techniques are definitely some of my favourites! I currently use beads I've found in $2 bargain shops that are supposed to be used for decorate purposes (like vases etc) and they work absolutely fine! So definitely check that out if you have any near you :)

    1. I have had a small look but I don't have much of a range where I am.. thanks hun! x

  4. I love my Real Techniques brushes too! Theyre really worth the hype!! ♥

    The Misty Mom

  5. Thank you so much for this post, it was really interesting seeing the comparisons! I love the real techniques stippling brush for foundation! xx

    1. It's no problem, and thanks for your comment! x

  6. i love looking these pics! loving the brushes! :) and the storage is super cute

  7. I love iHerb for RT brushes! So much cheaper than hiked up Priceline prices. The Core Collection is my favourite - especially the buffing brush. I haven't bought the eye starter kit yet, but I am eyeing it intently :)

    1. I am glad there are other beauty bloggers that know how I feel! haha. Too be honest I wouldn't bother about the eye starter kit, the brushes are alright but you probably have others that do the same job anyway. x

  8. Bookmark ====> DOne
    hey sist, thanks for review those brushes, you have a bunch of brushes, and i do not know much about them. #feel dizzy

    how about follow another blog (‾⌣‾)♉:

    1. Haha, thanks, I think?? I hope you know a bit more about them now!

  9. i hope soon you will repost/update compare those brush with something so i know the real size, hohohohoh . . .

    1. I did with some of them, but the sigma brushes are pretty much the same size as any other brush for it's type. The RT brushes are a little bit smaller in the handle which is good for traveling, though.


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