Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Recent Empties + MsAmericanPie's Giveaway!

Agees ago I announced my "Project Empty" but I haven't really posted anything official about it. So I'm slowly getting there, and I mean slowly, haha. I hate to waste products so I'm going to try and use every last ounce. But I think I will give up with most things like blushes & lip products which will take ages to hit pan on. So I'm not really sticking to it properly but who really follows rules :P
So this post will include other products that I did not mention in my other post.

Hair & Skin Products

-Wella SP Colour Save Shampoo
-Wella SP Hyrdate Conditioner
Now it normally takes me forever to use up my 'poo & conditioner as I only wash my hair 2-3x a week.  (Sounds ew but my hair doesn't need any more, trust me.) So yaya I finally finished them, getting every single drop out haha.
-Bio Touch Color Protecting Conditioning spray
I always use a similar product to this after every wash to help my colour last longer, so now I have finally used this up. yaay.
-Avon Body Lotion (sparkling cherry blossom)
Not a special lotion but it does the job.
- Australian Emu Oil
 perfect for applying straight out of the shower. Must.Buy.More!!
-DMK Biogen C Cream & Herb & Mineral Mist- Daily uses for me but now the bottles will come in handy for other things!

 -Verry old Covergirl concealer. In P.E it was almost empty anyway, but now that's one chunky item I can get rid of :D
-Rimmel Cream blush- This is another extremely old item and since I've hit a bit of pan, it really is too gross to use anymore. & Good riddance I say!
Top Left-Mode Concealer - looks like a lot more is left than what there is.
-Nyx Concealer Magic wands in Medium & Light. Couldn't tell buy the bottles but they are actually see through. I will keep using it for a little while as there is still some but then I can finally get rid of these. Woohoo :)

Eyeliners-  L'Oreal Voluminous eyeliner. Useless as you can see. Lancome Artliner; I bought this as a 'tester' off ebay so I don't think it was genuine anyway (for $14 I highly doubt it!) but it starts off well but then dries out after a few swipes. I have other eyeliners I like better anyway :D

So that's it for the empties for now, for some reason I lost my E.L.F Eyebrow kit but that was almost dunzo anyway! I was also on a non-official  no buy for the month of august (after my last haul) & most of september (going to the city to haul, YAY!) I did last well except for a lipstick I bought on sale- Hey I could have bought more, right!? :)

Thank you for taking the time to read this if you did. (pat on the back- not the most exciting post in this world.)

One more thing- I want to mention a giveaway that MsAmericanPie is holding for her fairly new blog if you could check it out it would mean a lot to her.
Cute, right? There are 3 more cute prizes like this to win as well. Click her name just up there to enter.

P.S darling if you read this for some reason I can leave a comment but it wont let me scroll down to read enter the captcha? So if you see this my comment is- I would love to try them all, especially the blush & lipgloss!
Goodluck to everybody else entering it. :-)

xx Ashii


  1. Beautiful!
    Great blog :)

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  2. nice blog,maybe we can follow each other when you like?:)

    1. Thank you, and sure I'm always up for following :)

  3. Hey Ashii :D Thanks for sharing! I'll input this as an extra entry - I've heard about issues with the captcha, so maybe I'll disable the checking function for this! Thanks so much! xx

    1. No problem at all :D Ah ok, yeah I was like oooh no I can't comment! haha. :)

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    1. Hi thanks so much :) I will check out your blog when I find A computer :)

  6. wow now you have room for more new stuff haha!!

    1. Haha I've still got so much stuff to get rid of and just bought more :p I'm taking 2 steps forward and one back lol

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