Friday, September 7, 2012

Two Spring Fresh Makeup Looks

Woo, no more winter here, and so far the first weekend of spring had been amazing! And then of course it's been freezing during the week but this weekend is meant to get better again.
It was perfect weather especially as I had a friend come down from interstate, and it had been 11 years so it was perfect to do all the touristy things & go to the beach.

This makeup was done a while ago now but it will probably be a go-to spring look as it was so easy & light for warmer weather.
Look 1

*not sure on face, probably my project empty foundations*
Revlon Floral Affair Hushed Blush

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Yogurt
Sleek Storm Palette- 1: Lid/ Highlight
2: Crease
3: Outer V & into crease
4: Blended with 2
Lancome Artliner

Lips: Revlon Colorburst in Candy Pink

Look 2
I broke my unofficial no-buy (which was for the month of August, so it happened right at the end) and bought Maybelline Coral Crush as it was on special and I've seen so many nice swatches of it. Unfortunately it did not show up as nice on my camera, also I had concealer on my lips which made it lighter.


"Lipstick Selfie" Just for giggles :P
 Can't remember too much for a full product list, lol...
but preeetty sure I used the Naked 1 Palette, my fave lid combo atm is Virgin + Sin. And Naked in the crease & Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner. Blush is probably a Sportsgirl one from my project empty & lips is of course, Coral Crush.

And to show you how beautiful it was last weekend. Not teasing, most of y'all have already had your lovely warm weather :).

Thanks for looking, In the warmer weather it always feels good to wear lighter makeup, so I hope you like my spring looks!


  1. umm if thats your backyard I am jealous LOL!! :) I really love the outer v on the first one, so pretty!

    1. I wish it was right in my backyard! ahah wouldn't have to go too far then ;) Thanks pretty lady!

  2. from the 1st look, i like ur cheek the most! the blush is soo pretty :)

  3. WOW that photo of the water doesn't even look real. In Canada it's getting cold quickly (but still sunny) and in a week I go back to depressing rainy England! *cries*
    But I love the looks. Especially the one with the winged liner and bright lip! My favorite =)


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