Thursday, September 29, 2011

Brigitte Bardot take 2; Day to Night look.

 Every now & then I check my stats & the one post that is always up the top is this Brigitte Bardot inspired makeup look I did a while back, although I cringe now but I feel that I have improved a lot, especially with my skin. :).


My hair looking lush, with a bit of help.
On the eyes I used Nyx chrome white pearl e/s with a bit of Stila Kitten all over the lid with Satin Taupe in the crease for definition & blended out with a lighter brown.
Eyeliner is Maybelline Eye studio liquid e/l (I think thats the name), however I dun goofed it up :(
Cheeks are looking like NYX pinky blush & lips are a mixture of Revlon Nude Attitude & CG lip perfection in kiss (love this combo! Revlon NA helps take out some of the frostiness of kiss)

Only just a few more pageview's for all time. haha

Had a party to go to & I had the worst time getting ready (burnt cheek while doing my hair, lots of frustration) but after all that trouble we didn't even stay for long. Ohwells.

Got my bitch face on. Whoops! I did my hair in a rush so it looks like crap.
So I prettymuch intensified the eyeliner with some of Fyrinnaes Immortal E/S, a gorgeous black glitter which reflects different colours. Its a bit hard to tell with these pics though. I used NYX black bean JEP on the lower lash line, & I used tape this time to get a sharper edge since I brought it out more & obviously used falsies. I used the same ones as I did with my first BB look (sadly, this was their last look with them, they died after I tried to look after them :( )
On my cheeks looks like NYX peach & Lips are NYX soft matte lip cream in Tokyo. Which made my lips look painfully dry in this look.

SO I know it is pretty much exactly the same as my first look but its a look I won't get sick of coz I think its super sexy.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Organisation, at last!! ~ Pic heavy + long post~

So finally I can breathe while I'm doing my makeup, as at last I have obtained a bigger & better way to store my (small but sweet) stash. Well, its not small compared to the average person, but I have seen some beauty's posted on the web. Anyway, I took some before pictures, to show you how I had been living ha ha. And of course, the after pictures.

Before you see anything, don't hesitate to click on the pictures to get a better look & also, it looks a lot worse then what it is because of the mirror (Ok yeah, it was a huge ball of clutter, but still...)

Everything,sitting on top of my dressing table.I need my space!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Some More Looks... A touch of colour

Products used... Eyes: Make Up Store E/S for the lid (light shimmery pink), purples from Wet N Wild Lust for the crease/ outer V
Cheeks: Mixture of E.L.F Fushia fusion & Peachykeen
Lips: Revlon Colourburst Fushia L/S

No idea how my skin looks so orange here! haha

Eyes: Silver from 120 palette, purples are again from Wet N Wild Lust
Cheeks: I can't remember, sorry!! but its probably ELF peachykeen.
Lips: Covergirl Lip perfection in Kiss (looking super frosty that day)

Eyes: NYX JEP Milk- You can tell which eye I did first that I forgot to put it on haha. Madd Style Cosmetics- Mega Beast (Blue) Make Believe (purple) Nambie Pambie (pink) For the e/l I used a gel e/l from coastal scents called deep plum & I used milk for the white eyeliner.
Lips- NYX spellbound

Thank you for looking sweethearts! <3

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mostly Neutrals; Simple & Easy Work looks.

 I don't have much time at all in the morning for makeup anymore, some day's when I'm running late I will take it to work and do it there.... or I will do my hair there haha, and then I don't have time to take decent photos... but here are a few I did mainly in the first week. I choose to stick to neutrals 'coz I find that colours are easier to stuff up & don't look good if they are not blended properly... but with neutrals I find they are easier to blend. Anyhoo, here's a few looks.. I will try to remember what I have used!!
Eyes- UD Sidecar, Smog [?] Cheeks- I can't remember :( Lips- Bloom l/s in Honeysuckle.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Pics from my weekend

Lame & boring title haha but I wanted to share something about my town with y'all.
Long story short, there were some huge granite rocks that nobody really knew what to do with them, so they got sent to my town. So I guess that is when they decided to make a full scale replica of the Stonehenge in England. There was a bit of controversy about where they were placing it & why they were going it but a couple wanted to take it on & build it on their block not far from their house, which is about 15km out of town.

 Anyway, it was fathers day on Sunday & we had been out to lunch at the pub & randomly decided on the way home to go & have a look & take some pics, being the tourists we are :P Click pics to enlarge.

Doesn't look so big walking up...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

New hair + Old FOTD

Hey guys! Sorry its been really hard to find time for blogging... still. :( I get my first TAFE package next week which will probably start with the basic stuff! So now that I am a student again... I have to do homework haha.
Oh I can't believe its september already..... & its spring now!! My hayfever has already gotten 10x worse in the past few days.. especially today.... but I still had a goood day, can't wait to share some pictures I took!!

So I've been working at the salon for 3 weeks now.... dyed my hair on the first day coz it was so overdue. Its a bit more different than usual, & looks a lot more redder in the sun, as always. I didn't get my blonde foils redone so where the colour has gone over it looks more pink!! hehe.