Monday, November 26, 2012

Lip Inventory 2: Reds

I've done the pinks here and now it's my red lipsticks collection turn. I always used to be scared of wearing red lips out but now I've gotten used to it, depending on what I'm wearing on the rest of my face. Please to dear god tell me you can see the differences & finishes in these lipsticks, I know some are very similar, though. & again please ignore the messy application, as you probably know red lipstick is hard to wear without applying lip liner & using a brush first.

 L-R Nyx Round Lipstick in Eros, Avon Color Rich Mega Impact in Really Rosy, Maybelline Color Sensational in Are You Red-dy, Revlon Matte Lipstick in 005 Strawberry Suede, Innoxa Ultra Lips in Hot Chilli, Australis Moisture Intense in Saigon, BYS Matte Lipstick in Tango, Nyx Soft Matte Lip cream in Amsterdam

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Simple Glamourous Makeup // ft BhCosmetics//

Firstly, wow I have finally hit 300 followers! Thank you to all the new guys, plus of course the old ones :) I hope to host my first giveaway sometime in the near future so stay tuned for that! I just have to find some goodies now :)

 I loved Laurenbeautyy's Special Occasion Video using Bhcosmetic's Day & Night palette and it was a 'coincidence' that I bought it on sale a few days after, and then I though hey I can actually try it now! Mind you I had forgotten most of what she did in the tutorial so I just played along, trying to keep in mind something along the lines of her look.
So now I look back & it is very different, however mine wasn't intended for night time & I wore it to work during the day. (I did use the same colour on the lid & it came out entirely different :S) I still <3 it, though! I wasn't sure whether to name it a day or night look, this palette is confusing me, hehe.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Small Haul: Mac & Sportsgirl

On this weekend (2 weekends ago) we did the quickest roadtrip in history. 1400 km there & back in just over 24 hours to Perth! And that reason is... well, you will find out at the bottom of the post! But lets just say it will be the best thing for us for summer :D
So on this rush trip I was still able to get a bit of shopping in with my brothers' girl Kadie, we got to go to Garden City where I remembered they had MAC (again) so I had to buy a few things.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bh Cosmetics Day & Night Palette + First FOTD with it!

I ordered the Day & Night platte from as they were having a sale so I paid $10.50 for this bad boy! (not incl. shipping). You should follow their facebook page because they have so many great specials on all the time!
        I received it on Tuesday and I have been using it ever since.. there are so many gorgeous colour combos you can do, sometimes I even do the unthinkable & use the night colours during the day ;) I'm so bad! :P Infact I like to use most of the night colours all the time since they're so purdy but the light pinks will come in handy for the warmer weather.
 Using flash so you can see the gorgeous shimmers..

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cherry Culture Haul: Jordana & Nyx + My giveaway goodies.

If you couldn't tell I have been hauling a bit lately, although I haven't been ordering too much so I don't feel bad ;)
I have been influenced by a fair few aussie youtube beauty guru's lately since I have been watching more of them, and this time Laurenbeautyy *MADE* me need to buy a couple of Jordana blushes... aand also the Nyx lip liner.

Thursday, November 8, 2012 small eyelash haul!

Thanks to ChloeMorello on youtube I found the website (No affiliation to both) which has an awesome arrange of eyelashes!!
When I ordered on there I didn't realize I had to confirm through email my address before they would send it... so after 2 weeks of waiting I went on & saw that I had to! I looked through my emails but then realized as I used our linked paypal account it went under my partners email.... gahh.. so I confirmed and actually knew they were on their way. However by the time I actually received them it had been over a month... oh well it was my fault but I hate waiting! Especially as I was looking forward to something in particular..... Read on to have a look :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mishelle's Christmas Giveaway

Mishelle is a lovely Australian blogger holding a giveaway, unfortunately you have to be Australian to enter so if you are don't miss out! (she will do international giveaways in the future).
Click the pic to find out how to enter
Closes 5/12/2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

Jewel Smoky Eye Makeup

This was inspired by a fairly recent video of Lisa Eldridge just using a dark base & jewel-toned colours over the top. It really doesn't matter which colours you use or the placement as long as they stand out & are jewel-toned, however the black base will take away some of the brightness. Sadly this was an "all dressed up, nowhere to go" look but I had fun doing it and will def. do it again for a night out. You can also go with a nude lip with this but I wanted bright lips, too. Keep reading to see how I used my colours!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Brush Haul: Sigma, Real Techniques & Brush Storage.

Typically after showing you my foundation routine, I have to go and buy new brushes, huh! Not that I don't do the same technique but anyway, I thought I would treat myself to a few new brushes as I haven't for a while. :)

Real Techniques
I ordered these from, shipping was very reasonable at $12 for next day shipping or $4 for the usual waiting time. I received mine in a week which I think is the best shipping time I've ever had! Plus you cannot beat the prices online to instore at priceline!