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Cherry Culture, Sleek & i Kate House // Hauls & Swatches // Milani, La Splash, E.L.F & More

In a way you could kind of say these were my hauls for the month of March, although some were ordered in Feb & I am waiting on a couple more. As you may remember I have ordered from Cherry Culture a couple of times before but this was the first for ordering through the actual Sleek website and also from which is a recently discovered website.

 Cherry Culture
So from the lovely CC.... although I have ordered from them fairly recently, there were a few more items I wanted to try out, and a few more colours I wanted to get of products I already owned.

Milani Baked Blushes
Milani Baked Blushes in Coralina & Dolce Pink
 I already have a couple of these in Fantasico Mauve & Luminoso  & love them so I thought that I may as well buy two more, as they were going for $6.99.... (original price $7.99, only saving a dollar lol) I knew I wanted Dolce Pink because of Coco's swatch & I have heard Coralina was nice, and although the "swatch" of it on the website looked nice, it looks prettier IRL & way more corally.

Top to bottom: Dolce Pink, Coralina.
 As mentioned Coralina is a warm, coral tone with a satin finish but Dolce Pink is a cooler pink with a satin/ shimmer finish which can also look a bit frosty. I will post about these properly among my other Milani Baked Blushes.

La Splash Glitter Splash
Purple Passion & Pineapple Coral
I have done a review on these glitters recently here so my opinion hasn't changed, but as these were also marked down from $5.99 to $4.49 I thought I would buy a couple more from different colour families. I have updated that post with these swatches so please click on the link above to view them if you wish.
 La Splash Diamond Dust Shimmer
 Yet another sale item for $7.50 down from $8.99, I haven't tried the Diamond Dust Shimmers  before but they looked gorgeous. Although it looks like glitter in the jar they are certainly more like pigments, but the shimmer is lost quite easily. To prevent that, after patting it on with a brush I dab a bit of Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy and go back in with the colour to bring the shimmer back.
Snowflake is a weirdly pretty colour because it looks completely white in the jar but once I took the plastic off the sifter it came through with a purple reflect. The swatches are done with no base.

La Splash Metallic Cream Shadow

 Something I have been wanting for a while was a gold base for gold eyeshadows, so I thought I would give this a go for $6.50. It is not very pigmented so I do wish I just bought the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold instead. I haven't used it as a base yet so I don't know about creasing so we shall see.

 Nyx Eyebrow Cake Powder

I haven't used an eyebrow kit for a little while since running out of my E.L.F eyebrow kit & using eyeshadows from the Sleek Storm palette, and I bought this in the colour Dark Brown/ Brown. I wont go into much detail as I will probably do a review on it soon, but when I first used it I wasn't too impressed, but now I know how to use it properly so I'm liking it more.

Sleek Haul
For the first time I ordered off the Sleek website.  It took just over 2 weeks to get here from the UK which is pretty good for being on the other side of the world.
The pout paints are $6.49 each, and I definitely want to get more! I will do a review/swatches in a separate post.
Pout Paints from Left to Right- Cloud 9, Peek-a-bloo, Pinkini, Peachy Keen.

Ink Pot in Dominatrix
 I've been needing a new gel eyeliner for ages and so far I am happy with this one. The brush as always is pretty pointless. I will post a review once I've used this a bit more.

Sleek Eye Dusts
L-R Vintage, Jet Set.
These pigments are very chunky, which means you cannot escape fall out unless you are holding a tissue underneath your eye. Both beautiful colours & highly pigmented, non the less.

Swatched over NYX White Base
L-R, Sleek Jet Set, Sugarpill Darling.
You can see how much more finely milled Darling is, so while the eye dusts are cheaper at $3.99 compared to $12 I think I'd prefer to spend a little bit more. Unless you want all the colours, then $4 is reasonable enough to get them all!
This website sells products like E.L.F, La Girl, La Colours, a huge arrangement of eyelashes & much more at a very affordable rate. I heard about this site mainly for the E.L.F products but they don't have much of a range of their studio products.

 Random assortment of eyelashes, LA Girl blush, E.L.F Studio Cream Eyeshadow, E.L.F Shimmering Facial Whip
I envy by Kiss in Juicy Volume 03, Carie Eyelashes (no name), Almine Professional eyelashes 4150
I haven't heard about any of these brands before, so I chose them purely on looks. I love the fullness and the flared look of I Envy by Kiss, the Carie eyelashes reminded me of Ardell Whispies & Red Cherry #43, and as you can see I've used the Almine ones which are extremely natural and add extra thickness without too much length.

LA Girl Illuminating Blush
L-R Nectar, Just Pinched
I found it very hard to find swatches online of these 2 colours, I am not overly impressed with either and I have found that I already have similar colours (another post!) but for the price of $2.99 there's no loss, I will probably just give them away. I wouldn't exactly call them illuminating either, as they are both matte.
L-R: E.L.Cream e/s in dawn, Shimmering Facial Whip in Golden Peach & Pink Lemonade
Dawn is a gorgeous taupe colour... it works perfectly with Urban Decay's Sidecar. The formula feels more like a mousse than a cream. I've heard a bit about the E.L.F Shimmering Facial Whips, although I wasn't expecting Golden Peach to be so bronze. I think it is too much with my skin tone as a highlight unless I was to tan a lot & Pink Lemonade is just a really pretty light pink, both would look nice on the apples of the cheeks.
L-R, Dawn, Bronze, Pink Lemonade
Blended out
 That concludes my latest drugstore hauls over the month of March! I wish I could post these hauls pretty much on arrival but I have so many other posts in line that these usually get pushed to later, so when I do post them please note I have probably been using the products for a couple of weeks!
I also have a couple of other smaller hauls which I will be posting soon.

Have you ordered from any of these websites before?

Thanks for reading! I tried to keep it a bit more compact than originally planned with more pictures & swatches but it got too much so I thought I would save them for separate posts. So I hope this isn't too long already!


  1. Great post!Love the swatches,definitely not too long at all. I've never ordered anything from these sites before but I am always on them looking, I'm trying to curb the spendings but I may have to put in an online order before I start my spending ban!

    1. OK cool, that's good to know. I am the same, this is my last spend up before my ban for a while! Although I am still waiting on more things hehe.

  2. wow! the sleek eyedusts are stunning!

  3. Nice haul. :) I have Luminoso and I use it all of the time so I want to try other Milani baked blushes! It's just deciding what colour to get. I didn't know shipping from Sleek was so affordable as well! xx

    1. Ahh well I hope it helps when post about my other Milani baked blushes soon! I had no idea either I used to buy on ebay but its much more easier to buy multiple products from their store. xx

  4. Darling is absolutely amazing, and OMFG, THE POUT PAINTS?! I really really want to try them out!! Especially the blue and white shade! I have yet to turn into a full-blown glitter addict but I think I'm showing symptoms, and those glitters that you reviewed previously and these look absolutely amazing! Gah! LOTD with glitter please!! xx

    1. Yess girl you would look amazing with the pout paints!! I will have swatches up sometime in the next week/s. Ahh I can't believe you are not a glitter addict ahha, I will try my best to post a look with them soon! xx

  5. What a nice haul! Lovely lashes. I love Dolce Pink :) As you already know xxx

    1. Hehe, thanks to you for making me buy it! :P xx

  6. Quite jealous of this haul! You picked up quite a few goodies that I've been dying to test out. I would love to see a review on the Sleek Pout Paints! :D x

    1. I will try to have it up in the next week/s!! xx

  7. Beautiful! Were you up all night switching lol!! I ordered only from sleek site before, I love that they changed the shipping costs so its very reasonable for me too :)

    1. Ahaha well not quite, I had done the swatches over a few days lol :P. Ohh I never knew shipping was more expensive, but it must be helping them by making it cheaper! xx

  8. greaet haul hun!! now you're the one tempting me. lol. i badly want to buy heaps of Sleek MakeUp, i want to try those Pout Paints! they're so similar to OCC Lip Tar but more affordable. and wow those pigments are soo intense but they're definitely chunky. still, gorgeous colours! :)

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO
    Let's connect at GFC and BLOGLOVIN'

    1. Thanks hun, aha now the tables have turned. That's what I thought & why I bought them, although I don't have the OCC lip tars to compare them to! Never mind, I will probably get some soon. xx

  9. Those Milani blushes look gorgeous! Droooool... I bet they'd look good on you! Looking forward to your review of the Sleek gel liner, I've been wanting to try them but don't want to have another product that I don't like and have to use up! haha.
    Thanks for the tip about bloglovin' by the way! So if GFC closes down will it affect my blog in any way? I don't really know what bloglovin' is or how to set it up... I'm such a n00b

    1. Thanks hun will have to post some looks specifically for the blushes! Haha I know what you mean, I will have it up soon but I can say that I am liking it so far!
      No worries, I think it will just mean that you loose your followers, sadly and you will have to build them up again so if you just go onto bloglovin and follow what it says to do it will help! So then you can put a button on your blog and people can follow you through there. Make sure you claim your blog, I never knew what it meant but then I did it and it meant I was actually signed into it haha.

  10. Looking forward to the sleek pout paint reviews I really want to try those!
    And those blushes look lovely!

  11. Hey you´ve a wonderful blog!
    Please check out mine ,
    and if you want we can follow ech other here
    on bloglovin or GFC?
    Let me know it´s your turn ! :)

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  13. Oooh, Dawn is really pretty! Though I don't wear Sidecar much as I find it a bit too frosty on me. Something about it just never worked with my skin tone. I really want to try the Milani baked blushes as I've heard so many good things about them. Coralina looks gorgeous! I've been tempted to order from Sleek again but must resist. I could do with a few more of their blushes and eyeshadow palettes though :)

    1. Ah, I don't think Dawn would look frosty on you on it's own! You really should try them, they are amazing! I am going to do a proper post on them soon :) Haha, can never get enough Sleek :) xx

  14. Great stuff! I have blushes from milani and they are amazing! Those pout paints are pretty fantastic too! I've got two as well! Recently put in a small order to sleek and was tempted to get the eye dusts! Can't wait til you use the things you got!

    1. Yay! Cool that we have some of the same stuff :) xx


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