Friday, December 7, 2012

Recently Bought Items// Lips, Face & More

These are the items I have slowly collected over a few weeks. Unfortunately the delivery person in my town quit so we have had to collect our packages from the post office this past week, and I still have more waiting in the mail so that is frustrating.
Also I've found a few bargains but unfortunately they would probably be over, but if I find them I post on instagram so follow me @missashii_x
So I hold whatever lipsticks I don't stash away in my bag in an empty plastic chocolate container (oh you fancy, huh?) but I have wanted a separate lipstick holder to hold my faves so I can find them easier. I purchased this from ebay for around $12? & It feels really sturdy. Only downfall is that it fits in every lipstick size apart from my Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks but I can live with that. had a sale on Revlon Lip Butters a while back & I was going to buy from there but found a good seller on ebay with even cheaper prices. I already have Creamsicle & I like the formula so I got a couple more. I wanted Peach Parafit but that seems to be sold out regularly!

You can't really see it properly but as soon as I tried these out a little bit chipped off the corner of them so Sweet Tart is already out of shape, boo :/

Not too keen on Gumdrop on me, I really shouldn't have bothered with that one :/ but Sweet Tart is really pretty! Unfortunately no lip swatches for these colours. Also as I type I have the swatches on my hands & its been a few hours, but out of all the swatches these 2 have disappeared the fastest. But it's ok as they are not marketed for long wear.
 Ulta3 is a brand I have only seen in Terry White Chemists & they have an awesome selection of lipsticks. I bought a couple some years back but since then they have changed the packaging & probably the formula. For $3.95 they are a steal & look a lot more expensive than that! I already had the old Harem Pink colour which seems to be nothing like this, but I bought this again because of Mishelle who compared it to MAC Impassioned and it was such a close match!

The lip swatch is not true to colour but still looks pretty.
& now for another lipstick (can never have too many, right!?) It is the highly demanded Revlon Lip stains. They have only just been released in Australia so that is exciting. I think they are $17.95? I got mine in the colour Lovesick I thought it was the brightest pink there but apparently not, but I still really like it. They have a peppermint smell & feel a bit tingly when on the lips but is ultra moisturizing & lasts for a long time. However it goes on quite sheer-ly but darkens over time.

 Another cult item I bought was another Maybelline Colorstay Tattoo eyeshadow (click here to see swatches of my other ones) in Edgy Emerald, a beautiful medium green colour I've wanted forever. Super pretty & shimmery! I'm wearing it under similar colours down bellow.

 I also ordered a couple of China Glaze nail polishes from (they were just on sale & must come around every 4 weeks or so?).
 Firstly I got the Ridge Filler because I really like to use that as a base coat for my toenails obviously as it fills in any ridges for smoother application.

 & then I got these 2 colours, when I received them I realized I had ones similar to Pool Party already but I've wanted a pastel lavender colour forever. However I don't think it looks particularly good on me (much like Revlon Gumdrop)
 I added some sparkles & hearts from Justin Bieber's Nicole by O.P.I One more lonely girl which makes it look nicer, but I'm getting used to the colour anyway :)

Something I bought a little while ago was the Garnier Roll On Anti-Dark circles in Light-Medium. It looks very light on my hand but when I put it under my eyes it exactly matches my foundation, however I like it to be a little bit lighter for brightness so I think I will give this away to a friend. Plus I don't really have any dark circles to begin with.

One of the bargains was at Coles none the less, for Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation (loove) for only $12! Yep you heard me! I bought it in a lighter shade & my normal shade- soft beige. Love it so bad so at least I'm stocked up for a while.
 I also bought the Stay Matte powder in translucent, thanks to Tanya Burr from Pixi2woo, although if you know me you know I like the dewy look, but in summer I want to keep the oily away and I wore this on a 35C day and my foundation looked perfect before I had to take it off! & this was only $10.

 Another bargain was this Garnier pack in Woolworths for only $20, I bought it last Thursday so they may have it there still. After testing it out I decided I really liked it, I saw you could only get it in light or medium but I went medium even though it is a bit darker I can mix it with lighter colours if needed.
 I probably will give the face wash a try, but I like what I use at the moment but it is good to change up your skin care every once in a while which is what I think I need atm anyway.
 I use the body lotion for dry skin from Garnier anyway and I really do love it so lets see if I love this as much!
 And here's the beach bag that came with it, a decent size except you would want to add an extra small bag for your phone keys lipgloss etc to keep it from getting sandy.
So those are my most recent {cosmetic} buys! I will probably hopefully have a few more come through the mail next week.
Let me know if you have tried any of these products and if you like them!


  1. great haul ashii! i love the colour tattoo's i wish we got the limited edition ones here too :-/ i will keep my eye out for the ulta lipsticks,thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks darling, I wish they could just have the same products in every country instead of changing them! haha xx

  2. Oh great buys! The Ulta3 lipstick looks stunning. I really need to start experimenting with their make-up products since I've only ever tried their polishes! Oh and I love the Stay Matte powder - it really does wonders! xx

    1. Yess you should there lipsticks are amaze-balls! & it sure does xx

  3. As much as I want to, I can never do lavender lips either! But the lavender nails look REALLY nice on you! By the way I am dying to try those Revlon lip stain crayons! A lot of the colours look pretty and I hope they don't settle into cracks like the marker lip stains do :)

    1. Aww, thanks bby, I wasn't sure how the lavender nails looked at first but I quite like them! I agree, they feel just like lip balm! xx

  4. Ooh I'm glad to hear you picked up the Ulta3 lipstick, I hope you liked it :D I saw that deal on Rimmel Wake me up too but they didn't have my shade, I was devo!

    1. Thank you for posting about the lipstick! You can just tell they are good quality for being so cheap. Awwe that's horrible, I would have bought 2 to mix! (well I did that anyway :P) xx

  5. So many goodies! I have wanted to try Rimmel Wake Me Up for ages, $12 is a great price :) Probably the cheapest I've seen it. Harem Pink looks gorgeous on you, as does the Maybelline emerald cream shadow :)

    1. Aww you should have bought it to try, because it really is a good product. Thanks doll xx

  6. that is the perfect idea!

    happy holidays!

    1. Thanks,not sure what your referring to, the lipstick holder? It really is nice for storing my fave lipsticks. x


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