Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cherry Culture Haul: Jordana & Nyx + My giveaway goodies.

If you couldn't tell I have been hauling a bit lately, although I haven't been ordering too much so I don't feel bad ;)
I have been influenced by a fair few aussie youtube beauty guru's lately since I have been watching more of them, and this time Laurenbeautyy *MADE* me need to buy a couple of Jordana blushes... aand also the Nyx lip liner.

 Jordana blushes.... these were $2.39 from and I had seen the latter 2 on Lauren & they were highly pigmented on her & looked beautiful. And they are! & When I saw redwood I knew I needed to get it too.
The one thing I though would annoy me the most was the screw-top lids! However it's like 2 screws and it's off so it's not really a pain.
 Redwood has subtle flecks of glitter in it but it doesn't show up as a disco-ball on your face, Coral Sandy Beach has a slight sheen & Touch of Pink is matte.
L-R Raspberry, Mango

Having not really heard anything about their lipsticks I thought I would give a couple a go seeing as they were only $1.30. But I do not think too much of them atm. I've worn raspberry properly once & even with lipliner it faded very quickly probably about 2 hours wear when I can get 4-5 hours without eating or drinking or when I'm too busy to reapply at work. The mango one is quite frosty, too. I don't feel bad about throwing these out 'coz they were so cheap but I will give them another chance before I do. You can see the packaging is cheap, too, so you know what you're in for. Also they smell sickly-sweet (i've had the swatches on my hand for a while and can still smell it lol).

 & the last thing I bought was Nyx's long lip liner in Plush Red (it really is extremely long! Look in the first picture for reference) I bought this coz it looked so good on Lauren & it looked like a nice universal red which is important coz red lipsticks are the ones that tend to feather the easiest. I really do like this colour although sometimes it looks a lot pinker but overall it is nice.

Have you tried any blushes from Jordana, if so I think you should! I really recommend them 'coz they're so pigmented & they have a really nice colour range! However stay away from their cheap ass lipsticks :P I'm sure the matte ones would be good.

Also a little while ago I won a giveaway by MsAmericanPie and here's what I received :D
Apparently these are from Shiseido's sister brand Majolica Majorca. Definitely not like anything I'd find in Australia!

 She sent me 4 products, a Skin Lingerie PoreCover,  Kate lipgloss, Honey Pump Gloss & Puff De Cheeks. & also a cute postcard! I didn't include swatches of the lipgloss' as they are sheer but similar to the colouring. By the sounds of it the honey pump gloss is meant to be a lip plumper but I haven't noticed anything yet.
The blush comes in super cute packaging with a puff.
 Unfortunately the swatch didn't show up very well but it's just a pretty light pink- peachy colour.
I would like to think I don't have any visible pores to cover up but I will try this as a primer, it has a lovely texture & adds a light shimmer.

Thanks girl!

P.S I am wanting to hold my very own giveaway sometime in the near future, I'd love tips on how to go about doing it and picking a winner etc if anybody has any advice!


  1. Great post! I really need to check out Jordana :D

  2. Thanks for posting :D Jordana's stuff looks amazing! They have this felt tip liner that I'm not a huge fan of personally but my sister loves to liner her waterline with! x

  3. i never heard Jordana. sounds really good stuff and loving all the swatches!:)

  4. Thanks girls! It's my first time using Jordana, and I am definitely impressed with their blushes!


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