Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fave Body Products// Smooth Skin for Summer

Summer is finally here!! If you live in the southern hemisphere, that it. It started out cold & cloudy but it is getting warmer now, not that we don't have plenty of time for that. Looking forward to the beach, jetski & barbeques!
So as it comes to Summer, the clothes get smaller & bodies get tanner. If you're not naturally tanned, fake tan is a must for a healthy summer glow (not that you need to be tanned to look healthy). And for that you will want smooth,hydrated skin.
Here are my fave body products that I feel achieves that!

 Body Wash
As you can see I have used this quite a bit & will buy again as soon as I've run out. I purchased this Lux Tahitan Escape Exfoliating body wash from Woolworths for about $4 on special a while ago. I love that it is small exfoliating beads in it too, while you still have to exfoliate regularly, this helps with cell turn over while cleansing & not being harsh for the skin. I create a lather with a body loafer & it smells like heaven.
I bought this from Sportsgirl (see here) & use it about 1-2x a week. It has a really sweet vanilla-ry smell which can be a bit overpowering. Any body exfoliator that you like will do the job. Before this I used a scrub by St Ives that is meant for the face but is really harsh so it is good for the body. Focus on the arms (I get a little bit of Keratosis Pilaris there), elbows, knees & ankles but do a general scrub all over.

I use the body scrub with a Salux Cloth I got from ebay where the prices range from $4. It is the best investment (if you call something so cheap that) ever, and it is really long so it is easy to reach your back by holding both ends and doing a "sawing" motion.
If you want to use fake tan regularly you will need to figure out what method of hair removal is best for you. Waxing I find is the easiest for maintenance for the legs (if you can stand growing them out) as when you shave you may need to do it almost every day and each time you do it takes off a layer of skin so if you get professional spray tans done it can be a waste of time. But if you prefer at home tanning and can do it every few days shaving might be ok. Also don't forget to leave tanning for 24 hours after waxing otherwise it wont stick.
I wax my legs (thank god my hair is so sparse from doing this) but shave my underarms so I always apply this afterwards to calm the skin. I got it for about $12 from Woolworths.

 And of course once you've finished in the shower, you will want to moisturize. I used to be so lazy with this but I love the feeling of doing it now. & if you have a fake tan, moisturizing every day will help it last longer. I really like this Garnier Body hydrating lotion & I mix it with this Pure Fiji moisturizer I got as a gift. I can't remember how much it is, around $7 I think? again from Woolworths.
This lotion does everything it says & is so easy to apply, and doesn't feel heavy at all.
I've recently gotten this other lotion from the same Garnier Range that I've used a few times & really like as well. It feels a bit heavier but super moisturizing & smells really nice.
 Gradual Tanner
I rarely use it but when I do I like the Naked Tan Gradual tanner which is $29.95 which just gives a nice natural glow. I am not really an expert at applying it so I usually have some splotches that I've missed. I'm also waiting for the St Moritz tan that I bought from ebay to seriously get into tanning. Woo!

 So they are the main body products I've been using lately & my skin feels super smooth & hydrated, I hope this post is helpful for any one coming into summer!


  1. I love the garnier body products too, I feel that they work really well!

    1. I do too! But these moisturizes definitely are great products x

  2. i love sportsgirl products lately their body butter is amazing!

    1. AH nice I will eventually have to try that out! x

  3. I use Lux shower gel & body wash. I love sea glimmer , it smells so fresh :)


    1. That does sound like it would smell nice x


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