Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sultry Bronzed Fall Makeup

It's far from fall here but some days have been feeling a little bit cooler, so I hopped on the fall makeup bandwagon lol.
These camera angles make my forehead & nose huge & my chin tiny! eep.

Face: Revlon Photoready foundation
Blush: Wish I could remember which one! I don't have too many to choose from so I'll guess its...Nyx peach?
Contouring: Nude by Nature eye definer

Vani-t Eye pencil in bronze (unfortunately makes eyeshadow crease almost instantly)
Urban Decay Naked 2: Snakebite for lid & lower lash line, Suspect in crease, Buster in outer crease, Blackout to slightly define outer v, Bootycall to highlight
UD Whiskey liner on waterline, Zero for lashline

Australis Samba l/s with a tiny dab of Nyx Harmonica in the middle.
So yeah that's pretty much it, thanks for looking!

Bonus pic of chester!
If he hears the water running at night when I'm washing my face he'll come running in. He has found a new bed in the basin!


  1. I'm not a cat lover, but aww your cat is adorable! Beautiful make-up as always lovely :D

    1. thanks darling! I bet Chester would make any non-cat lover think twice :P

  2. That's such a cute cat! Your eyeshadow is on point

  3. It's probably cooler down our end. It's getting rather warm in perth so I feel out of place if i start doing Fall makeup :p Most the day I just get lazy and do the same thing over and over again!

    Thanks for taking time out to check out my blog and my instagram!

    One day we shall meet each other :D

    1. lol only cooler some days! Here if its really hot one day it will usually rain the next, we have 4 seasons in one day :P
      I know about feeling out of place haha, when it comes to summer & it's too hot & sweaty I probably wont wear too much makeup!
      No worries :D Yes one day! xx

  4. This is gorgeous!!! Its so sultry and I love your hair and that red looks amazing on you!

  5. Such a gorgeous look, PhotoReady looks ammaazzing on your skin. The eyeshadows are so pretty as well :) I have Samba but never use it - it looks much better on you than me!

    1. Thank you- I usually never wear it either lol thought this day was the right time for some reason!

  6. OMG YOUR KITTY IS SO CUTE <3 <3 <3 I miss my cats so much! I hate that I can't have a pet in my dorms :( I had a cat growing up that looked exactly like yours btw!
    And I absolutely love this makeup! You already know I think you have a stunning face :) This makeup is SUPER flattering and I love how the colors play off your hair. Gorgeous!

    1. awww did he that's so cool, its a shame you can't have pets, though!
      Aww thanks so much huni!!

      @Tiffanylifeasasoutherngirl omg I can't believe I accidently deleted your comment on my phone =/ but thanks so much

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks so much! If only I could properly remember what the colour is!! =/


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