Sunday, October 21, 2012

Going in for the peel.

I posted about the peel I was getting a while back, called the 2b Bio Peel which you can see my before/ during/ after pics here. Lately my skins' been feeling congested & I still have some scarring from my acne, but apart from that it has been ok although I still get the occasional pimple. I'm going to do another course of 4 of the same peel to refresh my skin & I wanted to share actual pics of the peel.
Warning: There are some not-so-pretty pictures coming up ahead!

Taken before I left the house.

These pictures were taken after my skin was cleansed & exfoliated with products from the 2b Bio Peel range.

Really I do not have too much to complain about, considering how my skin used to be, but this will help get rid of the rest of my scarring. Also I have a bit of congestion on my forehead, chin, a milia under the eye, & something that I think is skin growing over a blackhead [??] on my chin.

After cleansing, the solution is heated up with an activator & applied using light circular motions to the skin. Depending on sensitivity it will be left on for 3-6 minutes, building up after each treatment.
It feels like rough sandpaper at first and then it to sting & burn slightly, like it has been sunburnt. For me the worst areas were the tops of my cheekbones, my neck & decollatage (this is the first time I've had my neck & deck done so it was more sensitive). The pain is bearable, (I am a wuss, though!) & settles down as it is left on. Mine was on for 3 minutes & at the end it is removed with damp fibro clothes, which can also be wetter to flush it away from the skin so it does not rub as it is removed.
Here I am looking sexay with the soloution on ;)

& then a soothing mask is applied for 10-20 minutes which helps take away the stinging.
 Once that is removed, another gel is applied, moisturizer & then sunscreen, which is important to wear for the next 3 days when your skin is the most sensitive to the sun.

Afterwards you look sunburnt which may last up to 24 hours although it mostly settles after a few. & you touch your skin it feels tingly but that is because the peel has injected little herbal needles which stimulates collagen production aiding in cell turnover. My tingly-ness lasted for about 24 hours after especially on the same spots it stung the most- cheekbones, neck & deck, which were actually quite itchy.

These were about 3 hours after I had the peel, the little bit of redness left is usually quite normal. It is best to use mineral makeup over the top, obviously 'coz you don't want to put a heap of chemicals back into the skin, but using a primer should be ok anyway.
So yeah that's pretty much my latest experience with the 2B Bio Peel, I will keep you updated in 4 weeks once I've done the course!


*Disclaimer: I have not been asked to write about the 2B Bio Peel. Everything is based on my experience & it will not be the same for everyone.*


  1. your skin looks really nice :)

  2. Wow, you skin looks amazing already! I really want to try this out for myself :D

  3. Your skin looks amazing!
    The photos of your eyebrows and mouth made me laugh so much because of the way they look together (it looks like a squished face)

    1. hehe I was hoping someone would notice!! :D lol. thanks for your comment!

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  5. Thanks so much everyone for the comments! Sometimes your skin needs a kick start and it just may have to be a peel to get it healthy, lol.


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