Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Hair routine

Hey bloggers :) I’ve been busy busy this past week, planning our engagement party & decorating, so I haven’t had too much time to spare although I wanted to share my hair routine, just coz I have been growing out my hair ever since I got it cut shoulder length, lol. I even bought extensions but haven’t worn them much… =/

As you can see i didn't properly style my hair, I just blow dried the majority of it with my fingers :)

To wash- (also see here for hair washing tips)
I use a Tresemme Colour Protector conditioner & a Pantene colour therapy conditioner (my aunty gave me heaps so I haven’t bought any & wont need to in ages!)
I leave the conditioner in for a bout 2 minutes with a hair clip while I wash my face etc. Massage in while I’m rinsing it out. I pretty much always rinse with cold water (yep, even in winter!) after to close the hair cuticles which makes your hair shinier.

I pat/ squeeze with towel (my hair holds alottt of water so I have to squeeze for ages). After that I apply Wella Bio Touch Colour Protection conditioning spray to damp hair & brush with a comb (use combs only for wet hair!!)This makes my hair sooo soft!
I apply Moroccan oil mainly to the ends & some on top to stop frizz. You can stop there if you prefer to air dry, but my hair takes a day and a half to do that properly lol.
When I blow dry it I use a Tresemme heat protectant all over my hair. I blow dry on the 2nd warm hair setting with my hair dryer. If I don't want to style my hair I just use my fingers. Otherwise I will add some product in (whatever look I wanna achieve)
If styling with blow dryer I put my hair into sections & spray each with heat protector. I usually use a round brush that keeps my hair sleek but not completely straight.

Anyway I hope that was helpful to someone :)
I find that the Moroccan Oil makes the biggest difference to my hair with the shine :) I try not to use heat too much & if I blow dry I only do it no more than 2x a week.
Hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. your hair is beautiful and long! also I'm digging the color :) I can't wait for my hair to grow long again..

  2. Are you wearing the extensions here? If so they are practically seamless.

  3. You've got beautiful hair!! Love ur eyes too

  4. thanks girls! Nah I'm not wearing extensions here :) I have been growing my hair since about late 2009 with trimming only


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