Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Skin Revolution. Facial peel + Then & now pics

My skin has been on (what I like to call) a journey. So I have been collecting some photos for a while now, & looking back my skin has improved soo much that now I don't feel self-conscious when I go out of the house without makeup.
The 2 factors of this transformation would be going on the BCP which took a while to take effect on my skin, & getting a facial peel which has been the BAM that my skin needed. Lol =)
Before we get to the pics I want to talk a bit about this peel.

The name of this is  2B Bio Peel. You do 4 treatments (1 a week) which can only get done every 6 months (so that's 2x 4 treatments a year, hope I'm being confusing).  I wouldn't want it anymore than that because I found it quite painful, and if you had done it too often I imagine it would be too damaging for your skin. It can also be done on your neck & decolletage if needed.
My fiance's mother has been doing my facial peel, which is $150 a session (prices will probably vary), however since she has been taking before & after pictures it has been a little gift ;)
I should mention that this peel works on different things for all ages- from acne, blackheads & scarring to pigmentation, wrinkles & sun damage. It actually injects little needles in your skin that keeps it working after the stuff has been taken off.

Anyway- before they apply the compound (while it is heating up) they will cleanse & prep your skin. & when the compound is applied they very gently rub it all over the skin (avoiding the eye area which is protected by Vaseline as well as the nostrils & mouth.) It stays on your skin for a few minutes depending on how sensitive your skin is & then it is wiped off. It doesn't take long for my skin to start tingling & slightly burn in some areas. Nothing is worse than when it gets itchy, though :P The pain is bearable & goes away after it is taken off. Although your face will feel prickly for sometime after. After that a mask is applied that soothes & cools down the skin, and that stays on for about 10-15 minutes. In this time you sleep :P
Once that is all done it takes about 40 mins from prep to end. It is important to wear sunscreen if you will be in the sun for as soon as it is over until the next 3-4 days. Also in that time your skin should peel (I found this wasn't too bad, it wasn't coming off in chunks or anything) & you know that it is working.
*phew- if you read all that, pat yourself on the back*

So now I am 3 weeks into part 2 of my facial & I wanted to share this in photos =)

Warning- Pic Heavy. You may not want to look too closely if pimples skeeve you out. You can also click on any pics to enlarge them. Apologies for the different sizing of the pics!

Before  -All around the start/ middle of 2010
No makeup. Scarring, active pimples, quite red, blackheads that are hard to see.
With makeup on- you can see the bumps.

Ignore the bad makeup!! You can clearly see how horrible my skin is here, and the unevenness of the texture.

First Session Ever Of Peel -middle of November 2010
Pic on left is taken straight after first peel. Angry skin! Pic on left is from the week after ( I think)

So I didn't really get too many pictures from the first 4 weeks, or if I did I am not sure which ones are from where, lol, but you can see my skin is bad. The redness after each peel after this photo slowly gets better, & only lasts for about 1 hour. My skin gets quite itchy so I actually scratch it off, rather then let it peel =/
I also want to add that during the 1st few weeks of getting the peel done, some pimples may pop up because the peel is speeding up the process. So it may look like it's getting worse before it gets better.

Then & Now
 Chin- Top pic is just before the peel. Bottom pic is now. Scars have faded heaps
 Forehead- Just look how much more smoother it is now! ^.^
Right Cheek- you can just see the difference. 1st is before peels, 2nd is the 2nd week of part 2, & last pic is now (which is only 2 weeks after the middle pic)
Left Cheek- Not as bad as the right cheek, but a huge improvement.

Straight after part 2 week 2. Definitely not as red as what it used to get to!

With & Without Makeup. Week 3
 I had to go into work that afternoon & I didn't want to go in with a red face. I used Nude By Nature MMU with no concealer underneath. You can see in the 2nd pic I did mostly half & you can see how amazing it covered up the redness!

 Makeup complete- Hard to tell that my skin was flaming red! I also applied Aloe Vera after sun gel to my face to help soothe it before applying the primer.

Lastly- Now. No makeup
The lighting in the first pic makes it hard to see the little amount of scars I still have.

 mmm well I can honestly say, my skin has come along way!! No guarantees that it will stay perfect, but If I stick to my cleansing routine (which has also changed drastically since the beginning of time :P) & regular aspirin masks, I hope it goes well! I also still have one more session to go, usually I do them consecutively but due to being busy last week I couldn't.
Random- Yoghurt Face! LOL :P
 Anyway, that's my somewhat personal skin journey. Thanks if you got through all of that!! Please let me know if you have any questions & I will try to answer them!


  1. OMG, this is awesome! I definitely could use that treatment!

  2. Holy wow. That is a huge difference! Thanks for sharing that with everyone. Might have to look into it now :)

  3. oh my goodness. I had to read it all, it is so intriguing. You did an outstanding job with this post, so thoughtful and helpful- and brave!! I mean really, it is amazing how your skin looks compared to before, I was just breathless looking at the difference. I am so glad this works for you!

  4. such a great post, and I am glad to see that these treatments really work. I don’t know if I could bare the bad stage so it’s great that you have seen the treatments through and you look great

  5. I just want to say that you're beautiful no matter what, but I can definitely see how much happier you are with your treated skin. I'm actually very curious to try this!

  6. wow! your skin had improved a lot! that's great!

  7. Nice post, thanks for sharing your skin journey with us. I have to agree with JC's comments.

  8. Wow, I would be pretty skeptical about something like this but I guess the proof is in the pictures. I'm glad you're feeling better about your skin, and combining that confidence with your natural beauty will make you a total knockout.

  9. thank you so much everyone for your comments. I mean honestly, I never even realized my skin was that bad.. I guess coz I was just used to it, haha.
    @amalia... :) I suppose I was feeling brave- I have never posted my naked face before, especially the horrible one haha, but thanks so much for your comment I'm glad you thought that :)
    @JC.. aw wow thats so sweet, thank you :)
    @Meredith Jessica, naww thanks hun, well its a chemical thing as well as physical (buffing away the dead skin cells) so I'm guessing it had to work sometime, lol.

  10. This was such a fantastic post!! I love the before & after pics as you can see the amazing progress your skin has gone through :)
    Awesome post xx

  11. this is totally awesome! they should stick you on their commercials if they ever have one since you took such good pictures :) i'm totally jealous of your skin! i just waited the old fashion way for my scars to fade over years.. i wish i'd known about this!


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