Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to make your lips look bigger & fuller

I have more of a bottom lip then a top lip ( especially when I smile, it almost completely disappears lol)
so here is a tutorial on some tricks that I have learnt on making your lips bigger & fuller.
Before & After. I think my lips look a little too porn star like though ;) You don't have to agree!Sorry that it goes off into the sidebar (on my computer anyways) to view properly, left click on it & it should open a new window

1. Start by applying lip balm & blotting the excess of it.

2. Apply a nude lip liner just on the outside of your lips & blend. This is one by Avon (not the best colour- I need a new one!) You do not want to go further than your lip line or it will look too fake.
3.Apply a mauve or skin toned lip liner that is just darker then your natural lips just inside the lip line & blend. I used Mauve l/l by NYX which I find is just a bit too dark for me if not blended.
4. Apply your lipstick. I went nude- Pumpkin Pie from NYX.
5.Dap a white pearly eyeshadow on the center of your lips outward, I used White Pearl e/s from NYX. You can also highlight your cupids bow. You can also use a clear lipgloss but I find its too sticky.

So yeah thats basically it, you can tweak it for your needs. I suppose I didn't need to use the highlight on the bottom lip. & honestly, using the mauve lip liner just on the inside may not seem like it does much ( When I was doing this I thought I would see how it turned out & I believe it helped) but try for yourself! Look back at the top pic :)

UPDATE: I tried this with pink & it turns out that I think you should do the first step with a same colour as your l/s but do it after you have applied the l/s!


  1. SO gorgeous! I wanted to let you know I gave you a blog award this morning!

  2. Wow, what a huge difference. I totally need to try this!


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