Tuesday, July 19, 2011

As Naked As The Day...

Sorry for the stupid title haha!
I have been playing around with my naked palette a bit, but felt like mostly everything I've done so far has been the same. Oh well give me some time haha.

Sin- Lid, lower lashline
Hustle- outer lid/v, lower lashline
Toasted- Crease
Virgin- Highlight
Sin is a very pretty colour,  however it appeared more white in this light then the pinky colour it is.

sorry for the goofy look on my face =/

 This was just simple with Half Baked on the lid & Naked in the crease. Lips are Australis Salsa which is looking very coraly here, other times it looks pink.
Goofy photo.. at work haha
So yeah thats it... I'm really looking forward to doing a smokey-ass look with this palette! hehe.

Question Time: If you have the naked palette, what are you fave combos? Get me inspired!!


  1. rofl I am looking forward to a smokey ass look!! Haha I liked Darkhorse for that...

  2. I don't have the naked palette unfortunately, but I must say, natural understated makeup is the hardest thing for a color-addict like me to master. I tried your brown and pink look last weekend (so pretty!) and I think I might try this also!

  3. My everyday look is Virgin on the lid, Buck in the crease, Naked above that but below my brows and Darkhorse in the outer V. Darkhorse is my favoite brown ever! I like the first look a lot, I will have to try it!

  4. I really want this palette, but have not got my hands on it yet!! Also, I awarded you with the Top Ten Award :)

  5. thanks everybody & for the suggestsions :)
    @amalia ahah I know it sounded silly but I thought I would leave that in :P
    @meredith ooh did you, I cant even remember which look your talking about but I'm flattered :)
    @hannah oooh thanks I'll check it out :)


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