Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Hairs Best Friend: Moroccan Oil Review

Rightio, I have been using Moroccan Oil for over a month now & let me start by saying it is amazing!! Now time for introducing my hair (lol) which is very thick & wavy, dark, medium-ish to long length & i would have to say it is in good condition. My hair is also fairly dry on the ends (gets oily on the scalp about 2 days after washing) but that's about it. It needs all the moisture it can get.

I'm not going to lie Moroccan oil is expensive, it is about AU$49.95 for 100ml, but let me just say that a little goes a loong way. Since using it, i have rarely made a dent in it; with that being said I don't use it every day, only when I wash & style my hair which is about 3x a week.
 After using it my hair is noticeably softer, less frizzier, shinier & feels moisturized! I could do with a moisturizing treatment once a week as well because my hair is *that* dry, however i think that this could also be used as a treatment, but i like it as a serum.

 -Not too runny, not too thick: pours nicely into the hands & is easy to distribute evenly throughout the hair
 -smells great! nice summery smell
 -doesn't make your scalp feel oily(unless you've used too much or put most of it on your scalp instead of your ends)
- uhh well... it works! hair feels uh-maze-ing!! 
-ummm... i don't think there is any!!

How I use it:
Just before I blow dry my hair I pour about the size of a 10c coin into my palm, rub my hands together and distribute it evenly throughout my hair, concentrating on the ends rather then the roots. Sometimes i need more since i have soo much hair.
I then blow dry my hair and after wards I add just a tiny bit more oil & smooth it onto my hair. But theres been some days where i haven't blow dried my hair after using it and my hair hasn't frizzed like it normally does!

Overall.... i can see why Moroccan Oil is quickly becoming a cult product & i will definetly buy again when (and if) i run out. 10/10!


  1. I have heard so many reviews on that stuff. Where did you get it from? I might have to go and get some for myself next time I make the trip to Perth.

  2. Hey, yeah its absolutely great! lol. well my partner's mum got it for me because she owns a salon so she gets a discount :D but i am pretty sure she got it from a hair mart. :)


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