Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kitten got Smogged

lol at another lame title. Hope everyone had a good weekend!! I had my first baby shower to go to on Sunday arvo which was heaps of funn :) Anyway I'm sorry that this is another Naked look, & there are a few more to come then I will give it a break for a while.. or I may just space out the posts :) I also feel the need to go back to colour before it gets warmer!
Silly smile :P

It looks like I cut my hair short!! But I didn't which is obvious in the first pic it was just sitting that way.

On 1 eye I placed the black a bit too low, & the eyeliner turned out thicker but oh well.

Used Stila palette on the left.

Stila Kitten [lid, lower l/l]
Black [outer v + crease]
UD Smog [crease on top of the black, lower lash line]
Lightest colour [to blend crease]
UD Virgin [highlight]
Maybelline liquid e/l

Cheeks: probably Nyx Peach blush
Lips: Mac Hue L/S with Nyx Sugarpie L/G

Oh & since its (kinda) on the subject of the title, just wanted to update with a picture of the kitty, Mishka.
Its kinda not very nice to look at so I will make it small but you can make it bigger if you like by clicking on it.

Her hip was dislocated & they couldn't get it to stay popped in so they had to remove the hip joint. So it is slightly shorter than the other leg. Also her leg is soo skinny compared to the other one when its shaved!!

So that's it, thanks for reading <3


  1. Oh no poor kitty ;( hope she mends well. I love the look of Stila those light shimmery shades!

  2. Another beautiful eye look. I think your hair would suit you if it was as short as how it looks in the pictures!

  3. Nice eye makeup. I hope Mishka has a speedy recovery.

  4. I love the warm brown/taupe in the outer crease -- it makes your eyes look lovely! I also hope your kitty recovers soon!

  5. I love using the Naked palette too, so I don't mind looking at others use it... Give me ideas on how to change mine up LOL... I hope Mishka gets better soon!!!

  6. Awwwwww poor kitty! Get better soon little mrow.

  7. I'm loving your blog love the way you do your makeup=)

  8. Thanks dolls :) & thanks for the comments for Mishka, I will pass them on to her!! :)
    @discovering beauty thank u :) haha I had my hair cut that short ages ago but I have been growing it out ever since :)


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