Monday, July 18, 2011

NYX goodies

So thanks mainly to Makeup and Meme & Starryskies for their swatches, I ordered a few NYX soft matte lip creams.
L-R Amsterdam, Addis Ababa, Tokyo
 I am sure you will be seeing these in many FOTD's to come!! From what I've tried, they are beautiful!!
I also decided to try a glitter cream palette, I've heard these were hard to work with but why not give it a go!?

oh & on a sad note, we had to take the kitty to the vets this morning, mum found her a bit matted up and dirty & she couldn't walk properly, so she's getting a few x-rays done now. Looks like the worst thing could be a broken pelvis! :(
UPDATE: Unfortunately, her hip has been dislocated & they have popped it into place but it pops straight out which requires surgery which is $$$, lets just hope she wont get hit by another car after it!!


  1. Beautiful! Hope your kitty is ok :)

  2. the glitter palettes are totally hard to work with!

  3. Those lip creams look beautiful. I'd love to try NYX but they need to be ordered online since it's not sold n my country as of yet! The Amsterdam looks sexy! - Mar

  4. Lovely colors. I hope your kitty gets better soon!

  5. beautiful colours~~~and i luv the nyx cream palette~~~the colour looks nice~~~


  6. @heather they certainly are.. I will be posting some looks wearing them :)

    @Amalia thanks hun, she will be ok. I miss her :( haha

    @donna haha yeh I tried it out, I'm sure theres a proper way to use them!

    @Mar yeah I always order online, I'm in aus... You can find some really good deals on Ebay, I haven't had any problems

    @Meredith Thank you :)

    @jessy the colours are indeed beautiful.. if only I could get that out of it! haha


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