Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nyx Lip Liner Collection | Review & Swatches

Lip liners are usually disregarded and I admit I don't use them as often as I should & only if I "need" to, so I don't believe in spending a lot of money for them! I love the Nyx lip liners, because they are so affordable and they have a huge selection of colours.

6 of the Nyx lip liners I have are the slim lip pencil & 1 long lip pencil, honestly I'm not sure what the difference between them are apart from the length of them. I like to buy them on Ebay from Joys Cosmetics because if you buy more than one it becomes cheaper! & I've been buying from them for years & have never had a problem [By the way, she now stocks Real Techniques brushes at a really good price! (N/A)]
[L-R] Rose: Peachy Pink, goes nicely with any lighter neutral pink lipsticks.
Dolly Pink: Cool toned light barbie pink- Perfect for MAC St Germain or Wet n Wild Dollhouse Pink
Pinky: Deep pinky-fuchsia that I use with darker pinks like Maybelline Vivid Rose.
Mauve: Natural browny-pink colour, I use this when just accentuating outside of my lip line as it matches my natural lip colour almost perfectly, except a couple shades darker. Also looks good blended on the edges with a lighter nude.
Bloom: A gorgeous deep magenta/fuchsia colour, works well with MAC Girl About Town
Prune: Dark purple, would be good for MAC Cyber.
(Long Lip pencil) Plush Red: Hot pinky red, I actually like this with MAC Impassioned for a very slight ombre look.

Now, I find these lip pencils can be slightly dry & can pull on the lips, but they are still very pigmented and when you have them sharpened it's easy to get a precise line. Out of the colours I have, I use Rose, Pinky, Mauve & Bloom the most.

The Slim lip pencils retail for around $3.50 and the Long lip pencil's for $2 which is funny considering they have a lot more product in them. There are so many colours to choose from the Slim range and I'm now eying off some more pink & coral ones, just check out the selection from Cherry Culture!

Have you tried these lip liners before? If so, let me know which colours you get the most use out of!


All products bought with my own money, not affiliated with any brands mentioned


  1. Nice colours ;)


  2. I just started using lip liners. before this i only applied lipstick straightly without considering using any liners. i also purchased nyx slim lip pencils recently in orange and dolly pink and would love to buy more as they have huge selection of colours. your swatches are very helpful thanks!


  3. Bloom and rose are shades I'd love! I have one or two lip liners but they're so old and I don't use them! I really want to wear a few bold shades this year end and during the new year! I need a lip liner soon, if I get the chance I'd check these out! I would love a neutral brown rose shade most!

  4. I'm weird but I actually prefer dry lip liners... That's an awesome price on those, and sounds like they have a big selection! :)

  5. They look so awesome! I currently have a lip liner from Too Faced that I am in love with, but these look so amazing for the tiny price! x

  6. great post! I'm addicted to lips liners!


  7. good collection you have . I don't have a single lip liner. O wait, I have the universal one ..

  8. Great shades! I really need to start using lip liners, but I feel as though they are an extra step that isn't really needed... Or maybe I'm just lazy haha x

  9. I should not of looked up that eBay seller's page whilst on a spending ban, whoops.
    Great blog post though! I am definitely interested in trying out more things from Nyx.


  10. I find them a little drying too but for the price that's ok! I love dolly pink. If you like affordable lip pencils you should try designer brands. They are a lot creamier and still really cheap xx Celia

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