Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quick Tip # 2: Washing your hair

Washing your hair is something you don't really think about, you just do it, but I have learnt recently that there is a proper way to wash your hair & it does make sense (to me), so I'm going to share with you & if you have anything you'd like to add/correct, leave a comment & I'll add it in!

The scalp is where most of the dirt and oil is, and because your hair is technically dead you don't need to use shampoo for the shafts. So apply your shampoo evenly over your scalp and scrub,  while letting the shampoo run down to the rest of the hair so it cleans that as well without you needing to rub your hair.

The ends are the oldest and most damaged area, so take care to apply your conditioner here first while massaging it in.  As you go up higher until you get to the roots you should be adding lesser amounts to none. Unless you have a very dry scalp it should be ok but if it gets oily quickly you should probably avoid using it in that area, but i usually massage in a tiny bit to the scalp from the roots for a minute. Don't rinse it out straight away because you want your hair to absorb it in.

After wards~
For years after every time I've washed my hair i have always rinsed it in cold water. This closes off the cuticles, which creates a healthy, shiny appearance. Also never ever rub your hair dry, take a towel & squeeze/blot all the excess ends out.

thanks for reading, hopefully this was useful, please comment with anything extra!!

x ashii


  1. Really good tips! I actually put my hair up with a clip, while I have conditioner in. This really helps, so that the water doesn't wash it off.


  2. Funny you wrote this..... the other week I decided to start washing my hair like this (minus the conditioner tho as my hair get's really oily)

    so I just shampoo the scalp 2 x & then rinse out but I spray in a leave in conditioner when I get out of the shower & I can honestly say that my hair can go 3 even 4 days tops without another wash :)

    Great tips.....

  3. @ mon1ca.. thanks. :) oh thats a good tip as well thank you!

    @make-me up lol that is funny haha i've only recently started doing that too.. oh and thats a good idea as well for oily scalps :)


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