Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Playing makeups with the In-law

 So my mother-in-law (to be) was around for a coffee the other day & I had painted her nails already (metallic-y green with black shatter coz she asked about mine teehee) 
And then a bit later I was like 'Oh hey wanna see my new palette?' & then she said 'you got another one!! ohh that's actually very lovely hehe'.(well it didn't exactly go down like that :P but she is into makeup since she does it particially for a living- she is a beauty therapist/ Esthetician)
I bet you can guess already which palette, huh? So.. after that I was like hey can I do your makeup? & afterwards she went oooh that looks really good.

Well the background is,that you may already know, she owns a hair salon & she does the waxing, massages, facials, makeup, advanced skin treatments etc & it looks like I will be starting a beauty trainieeship soon! (but more about that one later its not quite official yet)

Something that I forgot to tell y'all is that in a few weeks the high school is having a fashion parade & they asked her to do the hair & makeup so she is taking me & a few others along! Yay I am so excited for that :D I was thinking that I may take my own brushes along too just so we have extra & different kinds of ones... I will obviously wash & disinfect them before & after but do you think that is a good idea?? So anyway the type of clothing that we will be doing the makeup for is "casual" & "wearable art" oooh I am so excited for the this!!!

Rightio onto the makeup... Luckily I had remembered right at the end to take pics!

From the top of me head first I used NYX JEP in yoghurt, then for shadows I used Sin on the lid & lower l/l... Smog in the Crease, Naked above that, Darkhorse in the outer v going down into the lashline, Virgin to highlight & a teeeny bit of creep as the e/l.

oh & I had just started doing the makeup when I heard a knock on the door... my bro answered it but as soon as I heard it I knew what it was! My MUG brushes that I had ordered! What great timing :D

top to bottom- Pointed Crease Brush, Outer V brush, Large Flat Shader Brush

To compare how long the handle is!!! It keeps hitting my mirror lol. I hope it can fit into my roll!!
So that's it..... sorry about all that writing!!!  I didn't think it would turn out so long ahah. Take care <3


  1. That's all very exciting news, congrats!! Beautiful makeovers, all the right techniques for mature skin, you have a definite talent.

    I hope you share pics of all these events with us!

  2. How fun that she let you do makeup on her! It looks nice! Ohh, the pointed crease brush looks like something I need haha

  3. personally I wouldn't bring my brushes but I'm always afraid someone would steal them..

  4. @meredith, oh wow thanks hun thats a huge compliment :) I will try to get some pics!!

    @starryskies thanks hun, yeah its nice except for the extra long handle!! haha

    @donna oh yeah thats a good point... thanks. If I had a roll I could wear kinda like an apron that would be good, haha

  5. That sounds like sooo much fun!!! Jealous that you get to start school soon!!! Good luck… You should blog about what you learn so we can go along with you!!!


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