Thursday, July 28, 2011

Golden Eyes

Geez I need to get more creative with my titles haha. This was actually from last week, I took a break from the naked palette & went back to using NYX pearl pigments. This is just a simple look using Oro, Walnut & Nude.

 Since I couldn't take any decent full sized pics, why not take a million of different angles haha. Oh these were taken before my eyebrows & my face were done.

 On one eye I used Pixie Epoxy but honestly it makes it harder the blend the eyeshadow so I went without on the other eye & found that I didn't really need it with these pigments. Oh & I'm pretty sure I used UD Zero eyeliner.
L-R; Oro, Walnut, Nude
Well I may as well include another recent look. I just wanted a shimmery e/s on the lid (Kitten) with a hint of definition in the crease, & black winged eyeliner with gold on top of it.
Oh yuck this isn't such a nice pic after all..

Ignore my mouth being open in a weird way haha. Oh & my hair is soo poofy here =/

first close up was before the eyebrows
I actually used tape to get the shape of the wing, which I used Lancome Artliner for, & the gold is a coastal scents one (I actually got it from the MUG website, but I'm pretty sure they're all the same) .So I guess you could kinda say this is a double e/l look. Or not. IDK haha. Oh & lips are Rimmel Pink Flame, I think the lighting in my bathroom makes it look more red!

Oh & if she happens to be reading this, Amalia I received the Inglot prize :D Which I will include some pics in a later post once I find my camera cord!!!!

Cheers for looking girls, & toodles! I dont know if I will be able to post over the weekend, I may be able to get something in tomorrow!!



  1. Very pretty!! I'm wearing gold eyes too, but I don't know if it's worth I like your double eyeliner too!!

  2. Both of these looks are so pretty, I always save your pictures and try to recreate them on the weekends when I'm going out.

  3. I like both of these looks. I love the double liner, and tape it such a great tool - I'll have tot try it.

    I also have the NYX Pigments and find the container annoying. I got some pill organizers ( and 1 bottle fits perfectly into 1 container. Then you can stack them. I think its easier to get to the product this way.

  4. I absolutely love warm browns on you! They suit you perfectly.

  5. thanks everyone :)
    @Meredith oh wow really thats a huge compliment, I love all your creative looks!!

    @Foxy thanks so much! ooh Yeah those containers are a total PITA so something like that would be great, however I don't think they ship internationally :( I don't know if we have a similar shop over here

    @Cydonian aw do you think they do?? thank you!!

  6. Beautiful eye makeup

    xoxo Angelique

  7. This is so gorgeous. I think you have really gorgeous eyes! I'm really honoured to you for following my blog. You always had really cool and pretty makeup looks on the MUG forum!

  8. aww, thank you hun, that's so sweet :) I have always been a fan of your looks!!!


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