Sunday, July 10, 2011

Engagement Party Makeup: Glittery Gold & Black

So, the engagement party is all over, which I'm kinda sad but happy about it, mainly because it was so fun to do all the decorations (which took only 2 days haha- 1 hour to clean the majority up with about 10 people) but now the stress is over! Time to relax, even though it was a great night. The shed had never ever been that decorated before and without my future M.I.L and her friends' help it wouldn't have happened. Anyhoo...

I got my hair curled that afternoon, and when it came to my makeup I didn't really have anything planned! But I knew I wanted it to stand out, so I went for gold glitter as you will see in the pics.

Damn lashes in the 2nd pic, sorry!!

Before getting changed- I took too many damn photos to choose from. some with eyes only, some before changed then heaps after changed. lol

My hair from the back- taken earlier on in the day
 Face- MAC Strobe Cream (after primer).
Nude by Natural Mineral Makeup. I used this coz I knew there would be lots of photos so I didn't want anything with SPF. However, the flash on my camera made everybody look really pale :@
Nars Orgasm blush- Just a hint for a nice glow

Eyes- TFSI
Slate JEP on outer corner & lower lashline only.
Bronze on most of the lid with black overlapping on the outer corner + lower lash line.
Skin colour blended into crease
Pixie Epoxy patted over bronze. Nyx Gold Glitter over that & a tiny bit used on the inner lash line.
Nyx Pearl Pigment in Nude for inner corner.
Cheap lashes from ebay- Cut in half. Criss-Cross on outer half and normal half ones just overlapping them, going in a bit more.

Lips- Nyx Rose l/l
Nyx Fig L/S

~More Pics~
In my dress- bought from Phuket. Cardi from Target. Earrings from Diva
With the DF(dear fiance) at the party (lipstick worn off, had no time to reapply!)
Tables not set up but you can see the gist of the decorations

Gift Table with a photo board we had only made earlier that day! Was a last minute decision, we got the photos copied/ printed the night before & picked them up that day.

How we decorated the driveway. These were tea lights in paper bags that were filled with sand. We weren't going to do these because the weather had been horrible the past few days, but was great that night (except it was freezing!) I am so glad that we did though because it looked really good in real life.
With some friends :)
A bit later on with the music up doing "The Creep" loll

 So yeah that's basically it, we had a great night with family & friends with plenty of food & wine :)
Thanks for looking!! <3


  1. Aw, what a sweet post. I really love the gold glitter makeup, perfect for a spunky party look, very pretty!

  2. You look amazing and sooo happy! All the best, congratulations!!

  3. You look gorgeous hun :) I love your eyeshadow & your hair!! Once again Congratulations :)

  4. Looks like you had a great time and your makeup was beautiful!

  5. very nice and simple...I love this look because lots of different eye colors can pull it off. Well done <3

  6. thanks for your comments, girls :)


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