Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wet n Wild Lust Review, Tutorial + FOTD

So after seeing a beautiful look on makeupgeek I just had to get this palette. It is my first from Wet n Wild and I am definitely impressed lol. Well yesterday when I received this palette I decided that I would have a good at my first picture tutorial and that I would also include swatches. I would love to hear feedback from you guys about everything!!

 This Wet n Wild Lust palette comes with 3 matte & 3 glittery shades, the matte being on the left column and the glittery on the right.
Here are my swatches of the colours all under Nyx JEP in milk (Yeah I probably should have blended that a bit more lol)

Top is flash & macro (which made my hairs stand out more- they're not that dark IRL!)
bottom is natural light

The shadows are super pigmented & blendable but also feel fragile like they may break easily. As they are so soft they can cause quite a bit of fall out, this is why I have taken to applying my eye makeup first. Here the swatches were with one swipe & obviously not blended out. The matte shades apply beautifully-- I've always had a problem with trying to get them to apply evenly, especially with lighter colours, and the shimmer shades are not too overpowering with glitter.

The case feels quite flimsy like it might crack quite easily, I had already dropped it but luckily nothing was broken! I like how this palette comes with the normal sponge brush and also with a blending brush (although I don't think i would use them) which would be perfect for the non makeup-obsessed girl who doesn't already own these type of brushes.

Product: 5/5
Packaging: 3/5
Quality: 5/5
Price: I got mine for about $7.99 on ebay (not including shipping) however I'm sure you can find it a lot cheaper in the US.
Would I buy again? For sure! I think I may have to go and order more palettes now :)

Soo here is my first picture tutorial....I just had to do one with this palette. I also added an extra colour because I feel like it needed it. Please leave feedback!! I just feel like I need to add that I haven't used the palette to it's full potential here lol, because I had just received it this day and was feeling a bit overwhelmed so i am very sure you can just dupe this look with the 120 palette! lol

 <-- A numbered picture of the palette so you can tell the colours I've used by the numbers I've pointed out.

1.Prep & Prime your eyelids. Here I have applied TFSI then NYX JEP in Milk. Then I have applied colour  1 all over the lid and the lower lashline.
2. Using a crease brush apply 2 into the crease, it doesn't have to be neat!
 3. Apply 3 into the outer V, sweeping up into the first colour.
4. Blend out the crease & V. I used 1 again to help blend out the crease without adding any extra colour.
5. Just to add a little something, I have blending hot pink from the 120 palette right above the crease colour with a fluffy brush.
6. Take a pencil brush & add 2 + 3, respectively, under the lower lash line going about 3/4 of the way in. Join 3 up into the outer V.

7. With an angled liner brush apply 6 onto the top and lower lash line. You may wet the brush if you want to intensify the liner & glitter. Go in as far as you like.
8. Line your waterline if you wish to intensify your eyes. I only went as far as the purple and also tight lined the top waterline. I used Nyx JEP in Black Bean with the Sonia Kashuk bent liner brush
9. Woops almost forgot to highlight! Because everything is so matte I applied Nyx JEP in Cottage Cheese to the tear duct & brow bone then applied Nyx White pearl e/s over the top for some shimma.
10. Lastly curl your lashes and apply your mascara, fill in your eyebrows (not done here) and we're finished with the eyes!
..::Full Face Look::..

Cheeks: Nyx rouge cream blush in glow
Lips: Nyx strawberry milk

Thank you for reading!!!


  1. Wow this look is amazing on you!! I love the tutorial, it is very helpful and really nice job!!

  2. What a beautiful look! You did really well. The colours suit you so much.
    I love wet n wild eyeshadows - very pigmented.

  3. Beautiful!:D These shades look good on your skin tone.:D

    Thanks for the review!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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