Monday, April 4, 2011

Brigitte Bardot Makeup

A few weeks ago at Makeup Geek was an era contest. I decided to go with Brigitte Bardot as my inspiration, so I focused on the winged liner, defined crease, glowy skin & matte lips. What inspired me to go with this look was this photo of Eva Mendes, which incorporated all of these things.

However this photo is obviously heavily photoshopped so no way in hell would i be able to get a look anywhere close to this, lol.  Anywhooo here are my pics!!

Mac Strobe cream over my foundation. It didn't get my skin as glowy as i wanted but it helped. lol
Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearls in beige pearl
Nyx Taupe

white pearl all over lid up to brow bone
Face Of Australia jasper eyeshadow in crease & lower lash line
Nyx JEP in black bean for eyeliner
Falsies from ebay

Avon Nude l/l
Revlon Nude Attitude l/s

You can only tell in the pic with the lighter background haha but I slightly teased my hair at the crown, then took half my hair from the back and pulled it up a bit so it poofed up some more and secured it with a clip. Then parted my hair in the middle.

So as you can see the eyes were quite simple, not many products needed however it took a little bit to perfect the eyeliner, and even then I wasn't 100% satisfied with it. However I loved the look and I would definitely wear this again, maybe with a bolder lip colour.

Also I would like to know, what was your favourite makeup era or person any era and why??


  1. nice! i like this look on you very much :D

  2. gorgeous look! I took a photo of this advert you look like a model they have for some airbrush makeup :) my fave makeup is Halle Berry b/c she looks so youthful, radiant and natural.

  3. Has anyone ever told you that you're stinkin gorgeous? I love this and think you did an amazing job on it! I love the lashes. My favorite makeup era was the 60's because of the more dramatic eye makeup with pale lips- totally my style.

  4. thanks so much for the comments!
    @starryskies naww your just too kind! and trust me, with my photos i take a hundred bad ones and only a few come out good so dont forget about tht!! lol :P yeah that sure is your style haha

    @amalia oh yeah nice choice! oh and im very curious about this advert now lol

  5. You look so gorgeous!! I love this look. This is totally my style too lol.

  6. I love the look you have created! You look gorgeous! :) Lovely blog. By the way I am following you now. Do check out my blog sometime. Have a good day!

  7. I award you the Versatile award! I hope you have not gotten it yet. Your blog is so fun! Read about the award here:

  8. This is such a sexy look!:D

    I like Sophia Loren.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  9. Hi Ashleigh, love your Bardot piece, make up really gorgeous, i just did one on my blog (nickifanningsblogspot) i'm just getting back into blogging and would love some members, just joined yours. love your blog, the font is cool, its more personal and individual which i think is what blogs are about. xxnicki


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