Thursday, April 14, 2011

Smokey Pink 2.0 + Tutorial

Ages ago I did a smokey pink look & I wanted to recreate it to make it look a bit more dramatic... even though I don't think it's that much more dramatic I liked how it turned out & I thought, why not make a tutorial again. So Yeah... :) 
1. Apply your eye primer. I used TFSI. I also put some tape on the outer corner.
2.Apply your colour base all over the lid. I used NYX JEP in Milk + Slate. Blend out.
3. Apply your pink all over the lid. I actually didn't mean to cover the slate part =/ so if you want it more intense only apply over the milk
4.Apply your chosen darker shade to the outer lid, patting it on outwards & diagonally. Blend with the pink as you go.
5. Apply more if needed & blend into the crease.
6. Remove the tape, Apply pink to the lower lash line & the gray into the outer corner, sweeping it up to get rid of the harsh line from the tape.
7. Add some black into the outer v to darken it up
8. Add your eyeliner & tightline
 9. Highlight, curl lashes, add mascara, do your brows & foundation if you haven't already & tidy up the edges with concealer. Finished :D
~What I used for the eyes
Austalis intensifEYE Wet/Dry e/s. sadly mines broken :(
            The She Space e/s in Into The Smoke

Nyx blush in Spice

Can't remember l/s!
Nyx Sugar Pie l/g

Thanks for looking :)


  1. Very pretty! Makes your eyes stand out beautifully!

  2. very sweet! and pretty too! Pink suits you so well :)

  3. you look gorgeous! I am quite interested in the blouse though... :)

  4. thanks for the tutorial :) you look stunning :)

  5. Beautiful!! Thanks for the tute..:)

  6. thanks for the lovely comments! :)
    @amalia thanks hun i will post a pic of it if you would like? lol :p

  7. Thanks for the tutorial, it's a very romantic look!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. Awe your so pretty! Love the eye makeup.

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