Friday, April 8, 2011

2 Looks:Taupe Eyes, Bright Lips

 What seems to be my go to look lately, is Taupe Eyes & Bright Lips. I think I'll be wearing it quite a bit in the winter, although I should have taken advantage of the extra sunshine we have been getting this autumn because it has now turned dreary. Anyhooo.......... enough about the weather, lol.

Eyes: FOA e/s in Jasper  , Nyx JEP black bean for e/l, white pearl for highlight
Lips: I actually used hot pink zinc for my lips, lol! It was just sitting there so I dabbed some on, put some Nyx l/g in LaLa over the top and loved it!

This look was done soo long ago and I was getting around to posting it one day lol

 Eyes: I'm pretty sure I used The Body Shop's Shimmer cubes
Lips: Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick (phew!! long name) in Really Rosy blotted down
Not the most exciting post but thx for looking :)


  1. I love how you smoked out your eyes a bit, it's so pretty on you!

  2. very pretty looks!

  3. very pretty!! I wish I could look so pretty!

  4. I love taupe colours too. You can wear then any time of the day and they can easily match outfits :)

  5. Good idea light eyes with dark lips and opposite is also look good. Thanks for sharing your beauty tips.

  6. @amalia Silly girl you are gorgeous!!
    @mandy yeahh theyr really gorgeous, this is my fave way to wear them too :)

    @anton @charlotte sparkle thankss :)

  7. w0w l0ve the look you are so pretty i love your skin :) nice blog im your new follower cant wait to be followed back by you xoxox

  8. Love the looks! You are one gorgeous girl! :)

  9. I love this! Taupe is appropriate any time of year ;-)

  10. @peach crush wow thanks so much :)
    @musicalhouses aww thanks
    @cydonian thanks hun yeahh i know but i gotta take advantage of bright looks while I can! not that the cold weather will stop me from doing that :)


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