Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Colours; Pink, Purple & Aqua

I did this for the new MUG challenge which is a "colour block challenge" using beautiful pastel pink,purple & blue.
The eyes are meant to be slightly different, Looking back I wish I did the same on both eyes as my left (your right) eye. ahhwelll thanks for looking <3

120 palette (not pictured)
L-R Avon pink shadestick thingy
The Face Shop purple glittery shadestick
Nyx JEP in milk
random purple e/l
Nyx pinky blush
Nyx strawberry milk l/s
oh woops forgot to picture black eyeliner & nyx white pearl for highlight


  1. Nice! You look very pretty!

  2. I tend to agree with you on the eye with the purple e/l but they are pretty! Is the e/l really called random or its just random? I would love to get one of those!

  3. thank you girls!
    @amalia loool no its just an old (crap) one i got from ebay ages ago... I like it better for using as a base though

  4. I love these colors on you! Great look.

  5. love the colours you used! it looks so pretty :)

  6. What a pretty look! I love the makeup you used!

  7. I love this.... so pretty & fresh

  8. Definitely love it! You look so great in pinks!

  9. this is a fun look! love the colours!

  10. wow this is just so beautiful! such a soft look!!


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