Friday, April 29, 2011

Small Big W Haul + Winter Boots

If you're unaware of what Big W is, it is a store in Aus much like K-mart, Target etc. Anyway we went up to the city the other day & pretty much the only shop we had time to go to was Big W. Since Winter is approaching over here for me, I was inspired by Aria @ Make-me up  to go on a boot hunt. Originally I found a pair I liked from the shoe shed but I found these & couldn't justify spending $70 instead of only $30!
I also preferred to buy boots in the store so I could try them on and then if they didn't fit I'd have to send them back blah blah all that mucking around so I found these & I quite liked them

I also had time to have a quick look at the cosmetics, & lucky for me there were quite a few specials so I got this Rimmel Lipstick (My first Rimmel item =)) & CG Lipstain (Which I had wanted for agess & since it was about $6 cheaper I had to get it) & Also 2 FOA items- Impact-full Volumising Mascara & Blush in Outback Primrose.

not the best pics & messily applied, sorry!
ugh can't capture the colour perfectly
I Loved the colour of the Rimmel L/S so much I had to try to take some pics of it, it is 210 Pink Flame.

Anyways, {Relevant} I have a winter clothing investment post coming up so I want to know : What have you bought to prepare yourselves for your upcoming seasons wether its Summer or Winter??



  1. Your preparing for winter already?? it's not even summer yet!!lol I'm looking for a good beach bag for this summer....preferably floral :)

  2. ooh I love the cuffs!! and they look comfy too! I've bought a couple sandals and capris, but not much else yet. The seasons are really weird here, I don't know if its going to be cold, warm or super hot so you pretty much have to have all season clothing all the time.

  3. @kat lol I guess I didn't state it clearly- I'm in Aus so that means winter is approaching!! Although It would be nice to have summer again :D

    @amalia thanks hun they are really comfy! oh yeah it is the same where i live too, the weather can be quite predictable in one day!

  4. Nice boots hun :) I was eyeing those ones off too when I was on the boot hunt hehe

    I was also eyeing off some Face of Australia blush too but have you noticed that the colour on their website is completely different to when you see it in person?? I wanted to get "nutmeg" because it was a nice vibrant orange on the www but in person when I saw it I was so sad :(

  5. Nice buys!:D

    That's a good deal for the boots you got and I like the Rimmel lipstick, color is pretty and looks creamy.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. @make me up: oh no i never checked their website, wow really I was thinking of getting nutmeg but decided on this one instead, I wish we can swatch them!

    @Marie sure is creamy it goes on like a dream! hehe. yeah it was lets hope they dont fall apart! :p

  7. Those boots are so cute ^^

    Love Christine ♥


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