Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Water Marbled Nails Take 2

So a while ago I water marbled my nails for the first time. At the moment I think I'm going through a stage where I want my nails to look nice all the time, that sounds silly I know lol but I've always kept my nails quite long & they've always been healthy & strong but these days whenever they get to a certain length they snap. :( Also I'm having trouble with 2 nails on my left right hand, because I'm using that hand all the time they keep snapping. But this is for another post lol.
I just wanted to share some pics of my nails atm! Well I've actually had them like this for almost 2 weeks haha.
 Right hand- you can see the nails that are doing badly :( lol
 Left hand- Before the cleanup!

Apologies for the messyness! lol and that my nails are different lengths. If u want to have a go at this def search water marbling on youtube. There's many great tutorials on it.
On the first nail I did, I realized I forgot to do a colour base coat first. But then I thought it would look pretty cool like it would be kinda see through so i left it with all the nails. On some of them you can see that. Also I like how all the patterns turn out different, although not all of the swirly designs turned out right. oh well! I like how it is not a uniformed pattern. Oh and I had just used some cheap generic nail polish colours too.


  1. Wow you've got gorgeous cheeks here.. I was distracted! Love the nails- cheap generic looks that vibrant! the nails look great oh I could never do it right.

  2. thanks hun!! Actually, i've got a post coming up about the blush lol


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