Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quick Tip: Extra Virgin Olive Oil on your skin?!?

Olive oil, or more specifically Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a great makeup remover & is also very moisturizing!
 I use every Extra Virgin Olive Oil every night as a moisturizer, for my eyes & my face.

After I wipe off my makeup with makeup wipes & use my cleanser, I pour some EVOO onto a cotton bud & apply it to my face much the same way as a toner, & in a way it is a toner because it helps to remove extra makeup that didn't quite want to budge. & Then I rub it into my skin like you would with a moisturizer.
I find that it's particularly great for removing stubborn eyeliner & waterproof mascara, & it is great for conditioning the eye lashes as well.

If you're too scared to use it like that, you can always use it only as a makeup remover for the face, and/or eyes & then use your cleanser after wards.

Also I would like to note that I have dry acne prone skin, but using this does not cause any more breakouts for me then I usually get (& I have stopped breaking out! But that's another story ;))

Before you get scared at the thought of using any oil on your skin ('coz oils must cause pimples, right?!) Have a look at this table I borrowed from http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/acnedetect.htm (scroll down to see the full table with heaps of other ingredients)

Here it says that olive oil has a COM (Comedogenicity) grade of 2 which means it can cause pimples (but its not super bad) & the IRR (Irritancy) grade of 0 which means that it doesn't irritate your skin by causing hives, redness, swelling, flaking, peeling, & itching.
Now this chart says Olive oil, which is different to EVOO, where EVOO is typically produced from the first pressing of olives, making it more pure and least acidic than olive oil, which would most likely bring down the COM grade.

Hope this was helpful, maybe wasn't that quick of a tip haha :P 
Disclaimer: I am saying what works for my skin & doesn't necessarily mean it will work for yours. However I have had a good experience with Extra Virgin Olive Oil & have wanted to share it :D


  1. Super post, very informative! I used to rub olive oil all over my skin, nails, hair- although not my face- when I moved from a moister climate to a very dry one, it really helped. I love olive oil soaps and body washes still!

  2. thanks hun i'm glad to hear it! I've tried it once for my hair mixed with yogurt & i quite liked it but never thought about using it for my nails!

  3. Thanks for the chart, I learned a couple of things!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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