Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sebastian Hydre Conditioner | Review

Generally I don't always use the same shampoo & conditioner from the same brand or particularly the same product line. I've been using Wella SP Colour Save shampoo for a little while now but I've been switching in between conditioners with Wella & Joico. We've had the line Sebastian in for a little while now, but I didn't think it out until hearing lots of clients have been loving a few different shampoo & conditioners, so what did I have to loose!?

So I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week if I need to, because I don't feel oily too quickly except if I've had an extreme workout or the weather has been warmer. When I use the Sebastian Hydre conditioner I only need the tiniest amount & although the lotion is fairly thick, it is easy to apply to the mid-lengths & ends.
I always clip my hair up after conditioner & continue on with the shower. After 3-5 minutes I rinse it out, and my hair feels unbelievable soft. It also has such a lovely scent to it.
My hair isn't as dry anymore as when it was when I had bleached ends, but if I was using this or the Penetrate conditioner (for damaged hair) I think my hair would be in way better condition & not feel so dry & damaged on the ends.
It is easy to open up in the shower even with slippery hands by pressing on the opposite end of the lid to pop out the top & to control the amount of product with the small opening. You definitely don't want to use too much or your hair as it is quite heavy & you will feel the need to wash the day after.

Overall I will continue to buy the Sebastian Hydre conditioner for as long as I can because I love how healthy my hair feels afterwards, but I would probably alternate it between something lighter in the summer time to avoid it being too heavy or switch to the Penetrate conditioner which is good for restoring the condition of hair, which is needed from sun, wind & water after that period of time.
I think you can probably buy this from most salons that supply Wella products but you can also buy it online from which I haven't purchased this from, but they have a great selection of Sebastian Products.

Have you tried anything from the Sebastian line?

Product paid for with my own money, not a sponsored review!

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