Monday, November 22, 2010

Smoky Pink

Helloo sorry for the lazy posting!! I did this look the other week inspired by pixi2woo's Hayden Panettiere(sp?) video.... & wanted to keep it softer like hers so no black liner. Also just wanted to let you guys know that i've got some reviews planned! so stay tuned =)

I used some pinks from the 120 palette & Into the Smoke by The She Space (now discontinued). For lips & cheeks i cannot remember sorry!!
p.s im having problems with the pictures coming off the page & into the sidebars.... please help! i cant make the middle part any bigger without the sides staying in place "/
natural light


  1. This is pretty! I wanted to watch the tutorial so I kept searching for it on pixiwoo's channel and couldn't find it, and then realized it's pixi2woo, not pixiwoo :P lol. Looking forward to your reviews♥


  2. aww thank u hehe. i will post a link if u want me to or have u found it already? thanks again! :) xx

  3. i think you just need to play around with the width of your blog :)
    go to template designer and then to layout and minimise your left and right bar so your middle section is wider :)
    you left side bar looks really wide and looks like it doesn't seem to need to be so you can adjust that down :)
    hope that helped and love the look!

  4. thanks mandy! i think i've got it sorted out now except i dont like how the sidebars are skinny.... hmmm idk il have a play around.. thanks again :) x


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