Sunday, May 8, 2011

Smokey Green + 88 Warm Palette Review

Hey guys! Arghh I've been trying to stay out of this funk of not posting but I've been having trouble with my computer lately so Its been really gay, It's still not 100% better but I have to try to post sometime. In under 2 weeks now we leave for Phuket wooohoo cannot wait! Anyway here is a look I did a loong time ago but I never got around to posting it =/


Greens from the 88 Warm Palette
NYX JEP Black Bean

It was so long ago but I'm pretty sure it was ELF Fuchsia Fusion Blush

Nothing eek sorry about that

Now onto the (quick) review:
The 88 warm palette contains mostly neutral colours which are shimmery or matte. It consists of beautiful warm blues, greens, peach, gold, plum, brown, and quite a few highlighting colour's. I like the shimmery colours a lot more then the matte, I find the matte is very hard to go on, & the shimmery colours apply a lot more smoothly. Too bad most of the peachy shades are matte because I can't get them to go on properly without a base like NYX jumbo eye pencils.
No Flash
With Flash so you can see which colours have the shimmer

 I would also provide swatches but that would take foreverrr to do!

I bought my palette on Ebay for about $15 including shipping, if you have a look around the prices are very varied. If you were to buy this from Coastal Scents then it would be a lot more dearer then what you can find on Ebay. I even got my Essences of Beauty brushes with this palette so that was a good deal!

Overall: I do like this palette & the colours inside, just that the shimmery colours go on better then the matte, but once I get it to work its all good! I would probably buy it again if I needed to because of the range of colours! I give it 4/5 =)


  1. Very pretty Ashii! I have this palette and its pretty good. don't use it very often though.


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