Saturday, June 30, 2012

Recent Makeupgeek order

Ever since getting all of these MUG shadows I have needed a Z palette because it gets so damn frustrating opening the little packets each time haha. YAY that's taken care of. I also wanted to try one lipstick & one more eyeshadow.. for now... (Disclaimer: paid for everything with my own monies, not sent for reviewing)

As always great customer service, still the average ~2 weeks for it to arrive to me though, but that happens when you're on the other side of the world.

 My newly filled Z palette, & the lipstick in the box it comes in. What else can you spy in this picture?

This palette is meant to hold 29 shadows in, I think? I swear I read that somewhere, but now that I look it up I can't find it, lol. I think I only have room for 5 more lol, which means I can fit in 27. 
The case is made out of what feels like a strong cardboard with a magnetic base, and has a plastic window so you can see what's inside. It feels really sturdy. These pans are magnetic so they stick to it, but it also comes with spare magnets that can stick on the back of depotted eyeshadows.
It cost me $18.99 for this size. Yay to purdy palettes ^.^
The newest MUG shadow I bought was Mango Tango (2nd bottom row, 2nd from right).

First impression of this lipstick is the packaging, which is very sleek. I love the little touches like the detailing on the tubing. 2nd is the smell- quite the "lipsticky" smell I remember from when I was younger, but this is not a problem for me because I cant notice it after. I got this in the colour "Shy", a nice nude, pinky colour. It applies creamy & feels moisturizing. A big yay from me lol. The only thing with this in the packaging is that it's hard to see what colour it is- although the tip of it is clear you can't tell unless you open it (or look at the label on the bottom lol)

 Swatches of the lipstick & eyeshadow in artificial light at night.
Swatches in natural light. Can't wait to use Mango Tango on my eyes, looks like a lovely corally colour. I can see this being nice as a blush as well.

And if you played I Spy in the first pic, but didn't find it!!
I don't think I've introduced little Chester on here- We've had him for a while & hes so adorable & handsome!! He looves my pink fluffy blanket, as soon as he touches it he starts purring & massaging. :D

Thanks for looking!! I hope this can convince you to get a z palette if you've been thinking of it- now I want moar single eyeshadows to depot all the things! hehe.


  1. adorable cat! your Z palette looks so nice with all those colors. i love fun colors and i never tried makeup geek products yet

    1. Thank you! You should check out my swatches if you haven't already!
      there are some really pretty colours and they're so affordable.

  2. this looks so cute!! I'm addicted to palettes right now!!

    1. I had to put them in some sort of colour order, lol. This is my first custom made palette and I want to depot eye shadows and put them into more palettes now :D lol

  3. the lippie looks so pretty and what a cute kitty!! :)

  4. i hav been deciding if i will try MUG,i love the lipstick you got and the green-ish eyeshadows look really pretty too :) i subbed!

    1. Thank you so much, I do have some swatches if your interested! Even if you get just a few colours to try them out. :)


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