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Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Swatches + Review!

 So a few weeks ago I was contacted by someone from Makeup Geek (MUG) asking if I wanted to try some eye shadows for a review. Of course I said yes!! I had already bought 3 eye shadows myself and was planning to buy more soon anyway.
Let me start with the service.... Shipping was fast and they were quick to reply. Although there was a mishap with shipping; they accidentally sent me 6 of the wrong colours, so I messaged them to let them know & they said I could keep them as it wasn't my mistake. I would have felt happy to return them though especially if it was somebody's order!
 Please read on for the review & swatches.

What the pans come in, Picture from the Makeup Geek Website.
Disclaimer: I did not pay for these eyeshadows (except for the 3 mentioned) and all thoughts & opinions are 100% my own. I want to apologize with the inconsistency with the lighting in the photos! Some of the lighting has been enhanced but the colours have not.
 I am happy that I selected a range of different colours but I realized I should have chosen more mattes too. But the eye shadows I accidentally received ended up having a few mattes. I am really happy with the colours I have, but yet there are still so many more gorgeous colours I long for.
MUG shadows are really are pigmented.. although the shimmer/ glitter shadows go on a lot more smoothly than the matte ones, but  I could not complain with any of the shadows I received.
The eye shadow pans come in cute little cardboard slips but after a while taking them out and putting them back in gets annoying. (I still have yet to order a Z palette!). They are also meant to be the same size as a MAC pan so if you have spare MAC palettes you have no problem with storage.Or if you wish they are available in compacts.
Ok so on to the swatches.... all eye shadows are swatched by themselves so clearly they will turn out even more pigmented with a primer & base underneath. But you can see how pigmented some truly are! Please click the pics to see them bigger. All top pictures are no flash & bottom are with flash (when there are 2 lol)

 L-R: Moondust; A beautiful shimmery gray taupe colour.
Cinderella;  A pretty satiny light pink/ tan colour great for all over the lid for any neutral look.
Glamorous; Metallic bronzey gold. These swatches don't do it justice. So pigmented!
Vanilla Bean; (Bought myself) A nude matte colour (as you can barely see it on my skin tone lol) that's great as a transition colour or as a matte highlight. Needs a few swipes to get it to show up.
Shimma Shimma; A gorgeous shimmery light highlighting colour. Just glides on perfectly.

Gray Spectrum:

L-R Mercury;  a beautiful shimmery silver that goes on so smoothly.
Stealth; a matte gray, you definitely need to pack this on for good payoff.
Galaxy; Quite a bit darker than Stealth (although it doesn't look like it in the pan) & shimmery. Goes on smoothly.
Corrupt; A highly pigmented matte black with a hint of a sparkle (as described on their website but its so true).
L-R Wisteria; matte light lavender, a gorgeous colour although the colour payoff is not the best
Purple Rain; matte dark purple, a pretty true purple but with bad payoff, that can blend into a gray if not careful.
Burlesque; A stunning metallic-y, shimmery burgundy shade
Sensuous; (purchased msyself) I loovee this beautiful, shimmery purple, even though you have to be careful to not blend away the sparkles, but sadly it faded away even with a primer.

Greens & Blue:
 I hate that my camera didn't pick up the true colours of these!
 L-R Shimmermint; A gorgeous shimmery minty green colour
Poison Ivy; in my pan pics it pulls more brown but this is a nice satiny olive colour.
Envy; looks more gray in the pan, but this is such a sexy, mossy green with a metallic finish.
Mermaid; (bought myself) My fave of all, this metallic blue glides on, the pigmentation is lovely and the colour is TDF.
Sea mist; a highly pigmented emerald green that kinda pulls off turquoise-y too with a lovely shimmer.

Reds & Orange

L-R Chickadee; A matte orange-y yellow colour, which is super pigmented.
Mandarine; A beautiful bright orange with flecks of gold, which is highly pigmented. I haven't had a problem with the glitter fall-out.
Razzleberry; goes hand in hand with Mandarine, a stunning bright raspberry pink with gold glitter, be careful this isn't a true red but it's stunning none-the-less.

Once again I apologize that the swatches did not come out the best, but as I said these were swatched on their own with no primer underneath.

Here are some links to looks I've done already, I'll keep adding more as I post them.
Using Shimmermint, Stealth
Neutral with Moondust, Burlesque
Silver Smokey with Mercury, Galaxy, Sensuous

Packaging:The pans themselves are great if you want to put them all in a big palette together or compacts are good if you prefer to keep a few in your bag. 5/5
 Pigmentation: Apart from a few mattes, the pigmentation of these are beautiful 4/5
Cost: Very affordable, pans are $5.99 & compacts are only $7.99, Shipping is worldwide & affordable. 5/5

I totally recommend these eye shadows to you, for half the price of a MAC eye shadow with just as good quality, these will definitely be an investment to your collection.

You can go here to get your hands on these! There are 56 colours to choose from.
 I also believe I may have other similar colours from different brands, if you wish I will swatch them side by side for comparison.
Thanks for looking & I hope this review was helpful to you!


  1. Great Review, these shadows look amazing! I really want to try these out as soon as I relocate the neutrals are my fav!

  2. Whoa babeee I didnt realise you had so many!!! I knew I wanted to get Cinderella, but now I can make a better list... thanks!!!

  3. ohh thanks for putting me in your blogroll, I just now noticed it- yay!! :D


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