Thursday, June 28, 2012

Barbie Girl Makeup!

I wasn't sure what makeup I wanted to do on the weekend for a "Barbie & Ken" themed party, but I remembered an older makeup look where someone said I probably looked like a barbie haha so I pretty much just copied that, so they are very similar. I did like the shape of this one a lot more, though. 
I also did my friends makeup for that night :)

I fixed the lipstick up after these pics lol. Also this is a weird face =S
Australis Paparazzi Perfect Fdtn in Nude
Coastal Scents 15 concealer Palette
Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer
Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
Nude by Nature Eye Definer (for contouring)

Nyx Black Bean JEP
Sleek Bad Girl: Noir, Blade (Crease, over the top of Black Bean)
Nyx Milk JEP (lid)
MUG Razzleberry E/S
Nyx Hot Pink glitter (dabbed over the top of Pixie Epoxy)
Eyelashes: Top- Red Cherry #79
Bottom: RC #502 (first time using these,so they're not perfect!)

Nyx Hot Pink L/L
Rimmel Shocking Pink L/S

With & Without Flash

This is my beautiful friend Nicole, she was going as "Ice Barbie" & she usually wears softer makeup so I wanted to do it for her tonight :D

Black could have been blended better, yadda yadda haha
What I used on her:
The Face Shop shade stick (silver)
Sleek Bad Girl: Blade (all over lid) Noir (outer corner) [both also on lower lashline] Innocence (highlight- for some reason it showed up on one eye more than the other)
Nyx Candy Glitter liner in Disco Ball (wahh couldn't get it to show up properly on camera)
BYS Gel Eyeliner (Made it a bit too thick so I went over the top slightly with some of the glitter)
Rhinestones on outer corner of eyes (they kinda look like piercings though haha)

Also how I had my nails
Same method that I did my nails here, except I used a matte top coat by China Glaze over the top of the blue only. I used O.P.I Blue My Mind, and a random silver from Sportsgirl. Excuse the cuticles!
I think the matte has faded now, since I haven't applied it since or the silver will turn funky. (keep in mind it's been a few days, I also couldn't apply a top coat over it all or it would ruin the effect so it's not the longest lasting mani)

Aaand a few other pictures from that night
 Being a creeper heheh
SO & I in the barbie booth!!
Thank you for looking!!
If you were to dress up as a barbie, what would you be?? & how would you do your makeup? :)



  1. Another great make-up look! Your skills always amaze me! :)
    And I love that barbie booth, it looks so real! Haha

    1. aww, thanks so much! I don't wear my makeup like this on the weekdays, so I love to go crazy on the weekend :D
      It does hey, they did a great job! They also had one where you put your face in it, but they didn't turn out so good :P

  2. you guys have wonderful eye makeup!! love it and both of u looks stunning as well :)

  3. lovely shade!! Looks great with your hair!! Love that Barbie box!! So cute!! I need to make one of those when my daughter has a barbie party!!

    1. Thank you so much! Hehe, It's so cool right? I'm sure young girls would love it!

  4. Foxxaaayy!! I love it!! Hmm if I were a Barbie I'd go totally 80s I fogot the name, but the blue spandex outfit and ponytail lol, with blue e/s and pink lips, I am seriously not that creative! =D

    1. Thanks baybee! Hehe, sounds good!! More creative than me!! Ya know pretty much no one dressed up properly, one girl did a cool rock chick barbie with a cardboard guitar and someone made a barbie car ahah

  5. alls I can say is stunning!! You did such an awesome job!!

  6. Wow you're eyes are amazing! Such lovely colours! check out my blog?

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