Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Birthday Makeup! Mod Cat Eye Look.

Go Charlotte, It's your birthday! Yes, I finally turned the big 21. (that's what I said about my 18th, feels like yesterday but its already flown by).
I had some friends around for drinks on Saturday night  and on the night of my birthday (Tuesday) we went out for dinner with the family. I suppose nothing else has changed except now I am actually classed as an adult (How scary!! :P) since I've been able to legally drink & go to clubs since I was 18. But now I can go to the US and do it all as well!
To the makeup.... even though the drinks was pretty casual I wanted to go all glam with the makeup. As you do ;). I thought I would stuff it up but I didn't, woohoo!

My close up pictures were taken before redoing my eyebrows & foundation.
After applying primer, start with a thin brush & black cream/gel eyeliner, drawing the top line just above the crease following the crease curve, and then wing it out & join it to the lashline. Fill in all except the inner corner with the black. Also apply to the lower lashline & waterline.
If you need to clean up the line, use a wet cotton bud to go along the top, and clean up with concealer after.
Using your fave black eyeshadow, apply wherever the base is.
With a glitter liquid eyeliner, apply to the center of the eyelids. Apply a shimmery gray over the top if you wish but make sure the glitter still shines through.
Optional: take some black and make a wing out from the lower lashline parallel to the wing, and inbetween that add some silver glitter swirls.
Apply an intense white highlighter to the inner corner of the eyes.
Apply eyelashes and you're done!
 Click to enlarge

Australis Paparazzi Perfect Foundation (honestly this is what makes my skin look so flawless. Heavy for everyday but perfect for a night out (and photos!))
Wowzers my skin looks so glowy but I don't remember what I used for it. Maybe mixed a highlighter with my fdtn.
Bourjois Blush 34.

Nyx JEP Black Bean (outlining the shape)
Essence Ballerina Backstage Eye Souffle (black- filing in the shape)
Sleek Bad Girl Palette:
Noir, a tiny bit of Underground, over the top of all the black. Mixed a tiny bit of Obnoxious (dark blue) in the lower lash line for depth.
Nyx Candy Glitter liner- Disco Queen (middle of lid)
Bad Girl- Blade (silver) on top of glitter, but added more glitter for it to stand out.
BG- Innocence (Shimmery white to highlight)
Red Cherry Lashes- 43- time to throw these babys out :(

Lips- Inglot 148. & poorly applied at that! Haha, I knew it wouldn't last long.
Aand this is DF & I taking a quick snap on my actual birthday, before going out for dinner with fam & friends.
(yes he's shaving sooon lol)

Thankss sooo much for looking, I hope you like! Oh and if you guys would like to "Like", "Love" or "Luv" (hehe) This look on any of these sites I'd like that :)

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  1. Wow, your make-up looks gorgeous! I love this look :)

  2. This is amazing! I love the shape and the glitteryness.

  3. Happy birthday girl! You look smokin' hot! I hope you had a ton of fun, your hair looks amazing by the way the color suits you so well =) And I looove the Sleek Bad Girl palette!

    1. Thank you so much huni! I've been wondering where you've been :D Omg I do too! So frickin pigmented, I think I'll finally have to do a review sometime!

  4. Meeeooww! ! Looks awesome, Happy Birthday! I will try to vote for ya too :)

  5. whoop whoop congrats on being 21!! Being 21 as well I'll tell you its the best age to be! :)

    I invite you to check out my blog

    1. Thanks so much! I feel pretty much the same though hehe. Thanks, I will check it out.

  6. gorgeous look!! Happy b'day!!

  7. love the look.... also your hair is so long & pretty.... I'm jealous (I cut my long hair short about 3 months ago :(

    1. Thanks so much hun! Ohh I've been growing mine for 3 years with only trims haha... aww :( did you change your mind after it was done?? And pics, stat!

  8. i love it! Too bad I have mono eyelids :(

    1. Thanks! I think it would look great on you- all you need to do is fake a crease with this shape!

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  10. amazing!

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