Sunday, June 3, 2012

Exotic Fish Makeup Look

 I was inspired by one of the girls on a makeup board, whose makeup reminded me of an exotic fish, hence the title lol, so I took those colours and had a play. I did this 2 times, one was a play around that took me 5 minutes on a Sunday night and the other was a more wearable version.

 This was the play around one, as you can see it's not perfect, especially the lower lash line. I do love the brows though and intend to wear them coloured out one time haha.

 This is how I wore it out. I toned down the lower lashline & the colours in the crease to make it more wearable & of course had my normal eyebrow colour lol but it was still a lot of fun to wear.

Nyx JEP in Milk
All colours from the 120 palette, except the black is from the Sleek Bad Girl Palette
BYS Gel eyeliner
Nyx White pearl as a highlight.

Blush: Nyx glow cream, topped with Revlon Hushed Blush in A Floral Affair
Lipstick: Elizabeth Arden (I cannot find it to retrieve the name, sorry!!)

Next time I will add another colour into the waterline because it looks a bit bare to me. It would also look great with Falsies.

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Thanks for looking, I hope you like it!!


  1. waauw! beautiful look!:)

  2. This is really pretty!! Love how you used the colors here

  3. Looks really nice :) love the colors x

  4. You're so beautiful, dear. This look is so interesting and cool but I don't think I can pull that off. LOL!

    I'd love to read more from you. Definitely following your blog! I'd really appreciate it if you follow mine back. (:

    1. Aww thanks love I think anyone could pull it off as long as you have the confidence! for sure I will follow back :)

  5. I really do appreciate you following me:) I followed back.. This is a great look


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