Saturday, December 3, 2011

Summer Trend: Colour Blocking. Plus my very own vid!

In almost every magazine I have read since the end of winter, Colour Blocking has had to be the biggest trend by far. Whether its in the form of clothing or accesories or makeup, the use of bold bright colours in block form is totally gorgeous!
Here I was inspired by this look by this gorgeous blogger
(please note she now has a new blog which is here)
Ok so my look is more than inspired.. .I love the contrasting colours she chose so I wanted to keep them :) I think any colours would look good together, and it doesn't really matter if they clash or not!

just a litte bit of editing.. haha
Milk JEP
Red- 120 palette
Orange- Madd Minerals Drop Dead Fred to blend red
Blue- Madd Minerals in Mega Beast
Maybelline Line Allure Eyeliner

Nyx Peach for cheeks?
Nyx Summer Love L/S

So I have finally gotten my verryy own laptop, yay :) I wanted to make my first ever video for you guys.. eeep
I know I wouldn't have thought of the idea myself, but I thought it would be interesting to hear how eveyone else sounds, so If you feel confident making a video then do so :) I mean, If I can post my ultra dorky, embarassing video I think that you could easily post one ;)
.. Haha, even if nobody decides to post a video, or if you already have youtube videos (link me!)I don't mind I just waned to post this video so you will be able to hear my Aussie Accent... even though I didn't think I had one before, I def. sound aussie here haha

Much love & kisses
xxx ashii


  1. Love your Aussie accent! So cute! Love the look too, I've tried color blocking before, and it didn't turn out so well.

  2. Nice eye makeup, those colours look good together.

  3. I really like the way this looks on you! And you have the best accent! You have a very pleasant voice to listen to if that makes sense haha.

  4. @angie hehe thanks! I'm sure if you give it another go with the right colours it will turn out nice!

    @charlotte thank you :)

    @kassie thanks babe!!

    @starryskies awe thanks hehe, I think I did put my voice on a little bit, I dont think I sound that aussie IRL bahah

  5. aww your soo pretty & i love your accent ! have you thought about starting a youtube channel ? that would be awesome ! :) xoxo

  6. aww thanks lady laura :)
    haha nah I dont think I'm up to the standard for making videos yet, plus i'll still be uncomfortable in front of the camera & I dont think webcam videos will cut it :) ahah

  7. Awwww you are adorable and so is your accent! I love the colourblocking look, awesome idea.

  8. These colors look absolutely gorgeous on you ♥

  9. @cydonian awwe thanks hehe :)

    @lindsie Lee thank u hun :)


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