Monday, December 12, 2011

Move over Bio Oil...

..Because i've moved on to Rose Hip Oil. I know I know, its old news, & I'm sure many of you have heard of or even use it, but I had been using Bio Oil for quite some time, so when I ran out of my 2nd bottle I wanted to try something different. I'm loving it & just wanted to share my thoughts on it.
As you probably know, my skin is dry/dehydrated with scars. When I wash my skin it can feel tight & gross but when I apply this, it feels greasy at first but as it sinks in it feels lovely. If you have oily skin it may feel too greasy so don't go overboard.
I have been using this for about 4 weeks & can notice an improvement with the leftover scars from my peel & the texture of my skin feels nicer. You can also use it on your body if you want to. I only use it in the morning before moisturizing but you can use it day & night, especially if you have bad scarring. & you will want to apply it some time before doing your makeup so it would have sunk in.
I love the bottle of this particular brand! As you can see it has a little drop thingy on it so you can measure the amount you need which is much better than pouring way too much into your hand. I guess it depends on the type of brand you get, the bottles wont all be the same.
The bottle says to use 2-3 drops but I usually only do 1-2 because it spreads really easily. I put a drop on my fingers & then rub them together to warm it up then apply using a circling motion with my fingers & massage it over my face.

I totally recommend using Rose Hip Oil for scarring, stretch marks, rosacea & even if your skin has no particular issues, just because it feels so nice! I will continue to use it because it gives my skin the extra boost it needs.

Product: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Quality 5/5
Price: Around $18(15ml)  but it depends on the size & where you purchase it from.

thank you for reading & I hope its useful for someone!

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  1. i have bio oil, but i haven't even opened it yet, haha. i will start using it tomorrow. ;) after i finish my bio oil, i will give this one a try. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  2. Wow, this sounds great. Where did you get it from? xx

  3. Thanks for sharing, I am currently using Bio Oil and if it doesn't work, I will definitely give this a try.:D

    ***** Marie *****
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  4. @crosswire dreamers you should be able to get it from drugstores or maybe even the supermarket. The one here is just one brand but there are probably some skincare brands that may have it so

    @mimi & marie thanks for the comments gals I hope it works for you!

  5. I heard that Bio-oil is effective beauty product that gives you a smooth and soft skin. Can anybody give me an idea where I can purchase this stuff? I want to share with you the best beauty care product, it is the mandelmel.


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