Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Shoes; Which ones to wear?

So for New Years I'm going to a dress up party. My costume is all sorted but I will need to get changed to go out to the pub afterwards. I present y'all with 2 shoes to pick for me :) haha & the pros and cons :P Plz ignore my feet & shoes ha I took these straight after a stinkin hot day at work so ignore them but dont ignore the shoes!
 Glittery Gold Peep Toe Pumps
-Pros: Comfortable on the soles of my feet
-Totes appropriate for new years!
-So damn pretty haha

Cons: Glitter will fall off! Do not want. (I have been spraying with hair spray however-  & I'm thinkin that its working.)
-Kinda uncomfortable around the heel where it rubs on my feet- may need bandaids
-toes will hurt after a while

Black Suede Wedges with Ankle Strap (its ok that the sides pop out)
-Pros: Wedges are super comfy to wear all night without hurting your feet.
-I love these ones too! ha
-Easier to walk in without worrying about tripping

Cons: Ankle strap may get annoying (they are on super tight here anyways)
-Feels like I'm rolling as I'm walking in them
-Don't want to ruin the suede!

Anyways you don't need to go by the pros/ cons just the look of them if you like, I am already wearing the wedges with my costume anyway so maybe I could bring the other ones into just in case?

Thanks everyone, Happy New Years!



  1. your gold peep toe pumps are so chic,they would look gorgeous with a simple outfit.

  2. Both lovely, no wonder you're struggling to choose.

    If it's a dress up party, I think you should play safe with the wedges and save the gold ones for another day.

  3. @benish thanks for your feedback, that's what I'm leaning towards..

    @charlotte thank you, I'm aready wearing the wedges with my costume so I may just bring the other ones anyway to choose for afterwards, I feel that black goes with my pub outfit more...

  4. B.Tech MCA training in chandigarh
    hey ashii..i think the gold ones will look fabulous on the party go for that.

  5. Definitely the gold ones, they're so party-ish :) xx


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