Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Futuristic Cut Crease?

Woohoo I can finally honestly say I was happy with how this look turned out! I would definitely do this look again for clubbing or maybe even new years, I would probably add some glitter & it would be good to go. Also I think it this goes with any outfit.

So I was inspired by this tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fq-lEu73GI&feature=channel_video_title, & I thought it would be harder to get my eyes even but I got it fairly quickly. It doesn't matter if it is not perfect anyway because as they say "eye's are sisters not twins."

Lid: Stila Kitten. Also a tiny bit on the middle of the lower lash line (lll)
The lightest colour from Barbie <3 Stila from brow bone to crease (help with blending).
Crease: Nyx JEP Black Bean with an angled eyeliner brush and on the lll.
Black from 28 palette blended with a pencil brush over top of Black Bean.
A little bit of the black from the same Stila palette on the lll.
Maybelline Eye Allure Eyeliner.
CG Lash Blast Fusion
Japanese Eyelashes.

Cheeks: I think a tiny bit of E.L.F Fuschia Fusion
Lips: Maybelline Color sensational l/s in Party Pink on the outside with Mac Hue on the inside.
At first I was going to leave the lower lash line alone but it didn't look complete, so I started with one eye & it didn't look that good until I defined my lower eyelashes.This look is also a must for falsies, I got asked if it was just mascara or was I wearing falsies hahah. At least they are not noticeable :P

So that's it! I hoped that everyone had a lovely Christmas & Boxing day with their families and I hope y'all have a great new years!!!


  1. It's like a modern take on the 60's twiggy cut crease, very edgy. I like it. You did a good job on it and I agree, the lashes are a must!

  2. Absolutely love the look! You look stunning!!! happy new year :) xx

  3. I'm sorry for the late reply's everyone but thank you for the comments

  4. awesome!! I may try this for clubbing :) <3


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